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“Tunia” is a film about the life of a snowboarder and starring in a sports scandal


Tonight on Rai 3 will be broadcast.Tonya‘, a film about the life of American snowboarder Tonya Harding. The woman was embroiled in one of the biggest sports scandals in the United States in 1994 when she was accused of attacking her competitor.

Tonya, the plot

Born in Portland at the age of four, Harding was shaken up by her mother, a violent woman who shows no affection or appreciation for her remarkable talent in her career as a snowboarder. With her difficult childhood and adolescence, Tonya has become an excellent figure skater, but without grace she fails to break through. At the age of fifteen she met Jeff Gillooly and a few years later married him in order to escape the frequent and brutal abuses of her mother. During the 1991 World Championships, she correctly performed the triple axle, becoming the first American and second woman to ever succeed. However, the woman has a rival, Nancy Kerrigan. One day, Tonya receives a threatening message: seeing the shocking reaction, Jeff wants to frighten the opponent at the same time.

Desire to start a novel movie 1201-568

I Want To Start Over is a 1993 film directed by Michael Catton-Jones and based on the autobiographical novel by Tobias Wolff.

different biography

In the film there is irony and truth mixed in large doses. The characters that are listed here seem to be made specifically for a movie, items with a difficult and absurd character. But what this movie also wants to do – which it manages perfectly thanks to talented Margot Robbie – is to want to give the sports heroine the support and attention her country never gave her. With an exceptional performance, Margot Robbie managed to portray this young woman whose career was interrupted at the age of only 23 years. An extraordinary biographical film that wants to tell a story without too much melodrama but also without diminishing the story.

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