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‘Trump World’ lands on a new social network

'Trump World' lands on a new social network

Banned from Facebook, Twitter and other major social media after the congressional attack, ‘Trump World’ has now come to Gettr, a social media created by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, longtime friend and patron of Steve Bannon. Gettr was originally born as a platform, in Chinese, to give voice to dissent from the Chinese Communist Party, in recent days Gettr has been born into a new life, and has become a space for supporters of the former president and for the spread of the Maga message, the Make America Great Again movement through which Trump intends to control the Republican Party .

After a video call, in Chinese, by Guo of old users, yesterday one of Trump’s advisers, Jason Miller, was announcing the birth of this new space on social networks in which one expresses oneself freely, bypassing the rules and taboos of big technology. The operation comes after Trump, after blocking social media that was a key tool in his presidency, tried unsuccessfully to launch his own blog.

In an interview with Politico, Miller said Guo “has no official role” and has not “contributed to funding” or been involved in the day-to-day management of the platform. He later clarified that “his family’s foundation participates in the consortium of international investors who provided seed funding.”

In fact, the US site still indicates that, in the online Gettr ad, there is also the logo of G-TV Media Group, a company owned by Guo and Bannon, the logo of G-TV and GNEWS, sites identified as carriers of misinformation about Covid virus and anti-China propaganda. G-TV Media has a bumpy history and was at the center of a federal investigation, by both the FBI and the SEC, into the 300 million private funding earmarked for its creation.

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The friendship between the ex-Trump strategist, the far-right American educator, and the Chinese businessman goes back several years, but it caught the media’s attention last summer when Bannon was arrested aboard Guo’s yacht for fraud, which was then pardoned by Trump at the beginning of the year. general.

As for possible direct ties between Trump and Joe, Politico wrote that in 2019 the businessman was a member of the Mar a Lago club, which is now the former president’s residence.

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