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Trump raises $102 million to prepare for ‘revenge’ – Corriere.it

Trump raises $102 million to prepare for 'revenge' - Corriere.it
From Giuseppe Sarsina

The “Big Group” has succeeded in financing court cases against “stolen elections”. Is the former president preparing to run the race in 2024?

Donald Trump holds $102 million in cash. Resources to be spent on politics. In the first six months of 2021 alone, it raised $82 million. Important figures for a former president banned by social networks, publicly accused by Democrats of masterminding the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill and with the judiciary investigating his corporate affairs.

Trump has never dismantled his electoral apparatus. Indeed, after last November’s defeat, he immediately launched a fundraising campaign to fund judicial cases “against the stolen elections,” he said. The “Great Group” mobilized, first of all, its electoral base through close correspondence via e-mail and thanks to the support of local television and radio.

The tools used, the so-called “Political Action Committee” (Back), there are two types: Save AmericaFormed immediately after the victory of Joe Biden and the classic Make America great again, the brand that debuted in 2016. In addition to the site DonaldJTrump.com Accepts payments. On Saturday, July 31, the former president announced that he had sent the first-half financial statements to the Federal Election Commission, as required by law. From January 1 to June 30, 2021 confiscated $82 million from 3.2 million contributors.. The amount is added to another 40 million that already exist, bringing the total to $102 million. In fact, according to the analysis The New York TimesTrump would also have benefited from contributions directed to the site WinRedrun by Republicans. Here, it would have reached $34.3 million: 75% ended up in the Trumpists’ coffers, with 25% left at the party’s disposal.

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But beyond the details, all of these numbers send a very clear signal to the American political world. Donald Trump is still in the field and, most likely, intends to stay there for a long time. The most common hypothesis is that the former New York manufacturer is, in fact, already participating in the election campaign for exampleNS 2024 presidential election. Many believe Trump will also play a major role in the November 2022 midterm elections, attacking “traitors” and “fake Republicans” in the primaries.

Will it really be like this? Indications coming from the territory are contradictory. Right, in the past few weeks Trump has supported some of the contenders. But roughly in words, he limits financial support as much as possible. The most obvious case is that of Susan Wright, who participated in a Texas constituency. Donald picked it up at Mar-a-Lago, but only at the last minute It has given the green light for a limited investment in commercials. Wright was eventually defeated by a moderate Republican. The American media wondered: Is Trump’s grip on conservatives weakening? May be. However, yesterday’s report suggests another explanation: Trump is still attracting money and possibly a lot of support. But most importantly, it focuses on just one round. for him.

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