Truck blocking his way

    Truck blocking his way

    no time for captain subordinate Manchester United and Harry Maguire fresh whistles Wembley That shook all English football a little bit. The defender certainly isn’t having his best time in the Premier League, but when he wears England shirt He managed to banish any shadow of the Red Devils. However, the English fans do not think so, who during the friendly match on March 29 England won 3-0 against Ivory Coast bitterly. whistling central defender. Even if there is no lack of comrades support, Maguire still has it Off the field problems as well. This time it was… a truck.

    Maguire, late for training?

    After a difficult week, Harry Maguire, like his colleagues, resumed training with Manchester United. And right on the road To reach the Aoun Training Complex, the structure in which the team trains, finds itself waiting, around the corner, an unexpected big event. on board Range roverCaptain Central and United, is on the way A big truck blocked his way. the reason? A vehicle of this size and an SUV along a narrow country road such as the one near Carrington (the village where the Onn Training Complex is located) may encounter some problems.

    In fact, the truck is pushing hard in the direction of the Range Rover, and therefore it cannot pass: Maguire could only Stop and allow the vehicle to continue its journey. Who knows, with this unexpected event, the player will be able to To arrive in time for training and not irritate Rangnick as well as the fans.

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