Treviso. Flu 9000 cases in one week. The Covid point at Canova Airport has reopened

    Treviso.  Flu 9000 cases in one week.  The Covid point at Canova Airport has reopened

    Treviso – Three more weeks under the blows of seasonal flu. The infection continues to multiply. Just last week they were More than 9,000 people from Treviso found themselves in bed with fever, cough and sore throat. Of these, nearly 1,100 are children under the age of four. According to the forecasts of the local health authority, the most important stage will last about twenty days. “We expect summit The flu could be over by the 20th of January ยป, confirms General Manager Francesco Benazzi. Meanwhile, the Covid alarm is triggered again. With the premise attached to returning to the use of masks indoors. In the Treviso region today there are more than 5,300 people in isolation because they are positive for the Coronavirus. An account created by default, since there has been no official survey race for some time now. But reopening China now is scary. It is feared that new sub-variants of Covid may have developed in the Asian country, different from those already present in Italy, and possibly able to circumvent the partial immunity guaranteed by infection and vaccinations.

    Covid point at the airport and mandatory swabs

    For this reason, I ordered the area to The Covid point activity also resumes at Canova Airport in Treviso: the The swab is mandatory for people from China, even if they stop somewhere else. “We are able to identify them because we have lists of names,” explained Governor Luca Zaia. The swabs taken at the airport will be processed and sequenced by the Center for Microbiology of the Treviso Hospital, in collaboration with the Venetian Animal Experimental Institute. Moreover, the local health authority in Marca has undergone Hotel Covid revitalized within the former Guicciardini complex in Valdobbiadene (10 beds, at the moment, are ready through to 30). Tourists who test positive will be welcomed here for the quarantine period. A circumstance that worried the citizens of Valdobbiaden, who turned directly to Mayor Luciano Frigonesi, who affirmed, however: “We are not afraid of contagion”. Calmness is preached. The truth is that it was the Ministry of Health that warned everyone directly through the last publication: If the epidemiological picture worsens, it is the matter, and the masks will be able to return indoors, reduce gatherings and work smart.

    pressure on hospitals

    In all of this, the emergency room of Treviso Hospital is still under more pressure than ever. More than 300 citizens enter the emergency area every day. “10% more than the average for the period,” Benazi asserts. The effects of influenza are particularly felt among the elderly. Treviso hospitals have already counted more than 50 people hospitalized at the same time precisely because of the virus. Bed occupancy rate in medical and geriatric departments is 100%: This means that every available seat is occupied on the same day. At least 4 deaths have already been reported to the surveillance system in the Region. Finally, with regard to Covid, there are approximately 110 positive hospitalized patients in Treviso hospitals (including 3 in intensive care). However, only a small percentage suffer from respiratory problems. The rest consisted of people (identified as Covid by chance) who went to the hospital for other health reasons and discovered, once swabbed, that they were also positive for coronavirus. This confirms that the epidemic has become endemic.

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