Treasure Planet will always have a piece of our hearts

    Treasure Planet will always have a piece of our hearts

    Treasure Planet We’ve all seen it. Unfortunately, it is still remembered to this day as one of the most painful mistakes in the history of Disney classics. Basic, Today marks the 20th anniversary of its theatrical release, means coming to terms with one of the symbols of the end of the so-called Disney Renaissance. That is, from that contract between 1989 and 1999in which Mickey’s house once again dominated the box office and cartoons, enchanting a whole generation of spectators with their masterpieces, visually and thematically renewed.

    However, with the new millennium, something happened, perhaps the audience changed its composition and interests, which led to profound changes in animation. However, after many years, Treasure Planet Turns out it is still today maybe nobody movie icon Of the so-called millennials, it is known among the many films Disney has gifted us, as one of the most underrated feature films ever made.

    A movie between the two Disney eras

    Disney in 2002 Try to captivate the audience againonce again giving the reins of an ambitious project to none other than A.J John Musker and Ron Clementstwo directors to whom we owe masterpieces that are still immortal today.

    They have worked together on movies like Intrepid Mouse DetectiveAnd the little MermaidAnd AladdinAnd Herculesand thus were deemed most suitable for delivering a fantastical, visually captivating, and engaging transport to theaters Masterpiece Robert Louis Stevenson: Treasure Island.

    In fact, the films were conceived in the 1980s, but nothing was done until 1997, when they were given the go-ahead to pay homage to Stevenson’s novel, which remains one of the best children’s stories of all time.

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    like hocus pocus It went from a box office flop to a cult film

    The movie was criticized upon its release in 1993, but in a world of entertainment very different from the current one, it found another path to success.

    Treasure Island still considered a bildungsroman Unusual originality and depth, able to break away from the purely Manichaean vision that often dominated fiction at the time, to speak to us about the concept of diversity in society and the difference between law and justice.

    come serious Caribbean sailorin the year 2002 we finally find ourselves transported to a fantastic science fiction universe, inextricably linked with steampunkLost among planets and constellations, following the adventures of rebellious young Jim Hawkins (voiced by then-rookie Joseph Gordon-Levitt), determined to turn his life around and embrace adventure at all costs. The chance encounter with the dying Billy Bones, she was going to leave him as a pony Mysterious metal ball, which was nothing but the modern version of the infamous treasure map Stevenson had long imagined. And despite his mother Sarah’s initial opposition, Jim, thanks to Dr. Doppler’s help, would get on board RLS Legacy ShipTo participate in Captain Amelia’s guided voyage. There he would meet a crew full of gallows tongs, including the mysterious and captivating John Silver. These others are indeed one of the most cunning and dangerous pirates in that world, but for Jim he will be above all the father and teacher he had not had until then, A morally ambiguous figure but with incredible charm and intelligence.

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