Home entertainment Traveling on Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Rules and Prohibitions

Traveling on Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Rules and Prohibitions

Traveling on Christmas and New Year's Eve: Rules and Prohibitions

In less than a month we will be in the middle of the Christmas holidays: the desire to have fun and escape for a few days from our cities is overwhelming after last year’s public shutdown. In light of the increase in infections in Italy and Europe and the new Omicron variant, how will we do travel?

What are the declines in Italy

Anyone wishing to move around our country will be able to do so freely as long as the “colors” of the regions remain the current colors. Restrictions will be applied if the area turns red: As we are used to, at this point, all movement even within the municipality of residence will be prohibited except for health or (food) needs. At the moment, fortunately, it is a far-fetched hypothesis even if the passage of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the yellow zone is about to become a reality, which, however, would not harm any “exchange” or travel between different regions.

What happens if you travel to Europe

to enter in France The green pass is valid: in France you can travel without masks (unless there are crowds) but a green certificate or “health card” is always mandatory to enter cinemas, museums, theaters and of course bars and restaurants. The card will be required when boarding planes, trains and buses, as well as for a medical examination or to enter shopping centers.

How do I go to Austria and Germany

As we discussed at Giornale.it, Austria is experiencing a three-week general lockdown that started on November 22 and will end on December 12. To visit Vienna or go skiing in the Austrian mountains, it will be necessary, as always, a green pass or a molecular test that proves negative for Covid taken in the last 72 hours: those who do not have it must do so within 24 hours from entry. At the moment, there is no obligation to quarantine if you come from areas considered low risk such as Italy.

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Highly contagious Germany has rules very similar to the Austrian ones mentioned above: a green pass obligation from 12 years and over and a ‘vaccination cycle’ for those who have had at least one dose of the vaccine but from the 14th day, and no earlier. As usual, those who decide not to receive the vaccination can reach a negative smear in the previous 48 hours (antigen) or 72 hours but in this case a molecular is needed. Novelty is the 2G base mentioned in Courier serviceIndoor access only for people who have been vaccinated or recovered. The decision rests with the individual German provinces (federal states). In places where circulation is very high, “2G plus” can be operated with more restrictions such as adherence to a mask or negative bandage.

What is happening in Spain and Portugal

Anyone wishing to travel to Spanish territory must inquire weekly as decided by the local government which publishes the updated list every 7 days for those coming from a foreign territory. The list can be found on the Farnesina’s website.safe travelIt is constantly updated with the latest news of interest to all European and other global regions. For Portugal, the basic rules apply: green corridor or vaccination course of at least 14 days (first dose) or recovery from Covid within 180 days; Negative smears 48 or 72 hours before boarding, but a test may also be required when disembarking in Portuguese territory. However, the green lane is not mandatory in restaurants, hotels, casinos and even if you decide to go to the gym or some spa while using a mask is mandatory in public transport, hospitals and homes. Places that host entertainment shows and events.

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How to go to Great Britain

Different situation in the former EU, UK: It is necessary to complete at least part of the vaccination course (14 days) and not to transfer from the Red List countries in the 10 days prior to entry into English territory. However, in this case, the swab must be carried out within 48 hours of arrival, and the filling of “passenger locator form With tampon reservation details. Obviously, the green lane rule always applies. If this is not done according to the rules, it will be necessary to remain in isolation until the negative smear result appears (which will be received within 48 hours).

I “corridoi” covid free

if organized by tour operators, then there are no restrictions if you decide to go to the warm and dreamy places loved by millions of Italians: we are talking about the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles; Aruba, Dominican Republic and Egypt. However, on return, Italy requires the form we saw earlier to enter the UK (Traveler Locator Form) and take a rapid or particle test (negative) 48 hours before returning to our country.

Italy’s “forbidden” countries

On the contrary, what countries is Italy now blocking entry to? Practically all of those in which the Omicron variant is traded the most are: South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini and Malawi. But for now, Israel, Japan and Morocco have decided to close the borders to all foreigners and maintain their “peaceful” moment from an epidemiological point of view.

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