travel directions? American Express Travel reveals it

    travel directions?  American Express Travel reveals it

    If 2022 is the year to go back to travelAnd 2023 will be the year of the reckless plunge. to say one A recent survey conducted by American Express Travelthe majority of respondents are not Plan to take more trips than last yearbut You will spend more money For holidays in 2023 compared to 2022.

    “As people continue to be eager to travel, we see a big one Focus on experiencesEspecially these as orderd And Focus on the feelings customers,” he said Audrey Hendley, President, American Express Travelin an interview with Travel + Leisure.

    “Jeting Adjustment”

    A common theme among travelers around the world is the steady rise of “Jetting adjustmentAccording to American Express Travel ie Destination decisions which is dense Influenced by a Hollywood show or movie. Leisure-focused tourism is on the rise, the survey says, and next year could be more exciting than ever. 70% of Gen Z and Millennials agree that β€œThey have been inspired for travel to a destination after watching it on a TV showin a news source or in a movie.”

    While the Amex report doesn’t mention specific programs, Hendley tells T+L that “people are booking flights to destinations like Yellowstone, Paris, or Sicily after getting inspired by their favorite TV shows.”


    The study, commissioned by Amex, also looked at general behavior and travel planning, with participants from seven different countries (Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India, the United Kingdom and the United States).

    In addition to the jet set, there is a renewed focus on Trips that focus on food, well-being and self-care And off track. Customers interviewed say they want to shop at small businesses and would want to spend more on vacation if they knew it Supports local communities.

    to connect all this younger travelers, who are at the center of these trends. According to the report, 84% are millennials and millennials interview He would rather take a dream vacation than buy a new luxury item And 79% agree that travel is a top priority in a budget. β€œIt is the younger generations that show the strongest numbers in all our directions. We pay close attention to Generation Z and Millennials Because of their habits and interests They will continue to shape the face of travelHindley notes.

    While travel has been difficult to predict in recent years, especially due to changes to Covid-19 travel rules, traveling the world in 2023 will be much easier. Even one of its strictest borders, China, fully reopened in mid-March and is once again issuing tourist visas. The increased flexibility of travel means that long-term bookings are also making a comeback.


    “We are seeing one long-term booking growth Across all generations, with nearly 7 in 10 respondents saying they want to plan trips three or six months in advance. We’re also seeing a file An increase in people choosing important tripswhich are usually more pre-booked.”

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