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Traitor to the West and infiltrator of the worst dictatorship – Libero Quotidiano

Traitor to the West and infiltrator of the worst dictatorship - Libero Quotidiano

Baby Grillo Yesterday he published on his website a long article against NATO Secretary Stoltenberg and Prime Minister Draghi who, during the ongoing G7 summit in Cornwall, made an appeal to the West to “defend our values” from the politics, culture and economy of Russia and China. In short, grillo You will get us out of the Atlantic And the communist regimes that intend to dominate the world.

His work, as it is his job to rejoice Iran in the dispute with Israel. But that would be his prerogative if it wasn’t for now Recognized head of a major government party Which expresses, among other things, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Mayor of Rome who in recent years have communicated with our national security services.

We don’t know what the Europeans and the Atlanticists think Enrico Letta, not the guardian of the five stars Giuseppe Conte New iron agreements with the leaders of Western countries, but we know what politicians can do to win elections in which there is a real danger They end up in the hands of a traitor from the WestInfiltrator of the worst dictatorships.

I do not trust the “moderation” of de Mayo or Conte. Not because he considers them dangerous subversives, but because The keys to the five stars are still in the possession of the founder Without his consent no one can really do anything important. Think of Italy outside NATO, separated from America and isolated in the heart of Europe alongside China, Russia and Iran It is very dangerous and very dangerous To be taken as a joke by a crazy old man, perhaps even a little drunk.

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Conte, Di Mayo and Lita They must say a clear word in this regard At this final stage both the international alliances and the Beppe Grillo. Pass income citizenship and similar utopias, but betraying the West cannot be on the agenda.

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