Tourism, Italy is the queen of hospitality. Polignano a Mare the most welcoming place in the world

    Tourism, Italy is the queen of hospitality.  Polignano a Mare the most welcoming place in the world

    Polignano Mari How do Matera last year. The second friendliest resort on the planet For 2022-23 is a wonderful seaside town in the Bari region, based wonderfully on the theory of rocks falling into the sea. The seaside resort of Apulian is the only national resort on the top ten list that includes Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

    The 11th edition of the leading Dutch online booking portal’s Traveler Review Award recognizes accommodation establishments in 220 countries and territories for their commitment to consistently ensuring excellent service and hospitality throughout the year. The awards are based on more than 240 million customer reviews left on the portal and this year went to more than 1.3 million partner properties, as well as 230 car rental suppliers and 58 airport taxi suppliers. Italy, like last year, leads this ranking with a total of more than 170.6 thousand awards, followed by Spain (108 thousand), France (103 thousand), Germany, Croatia, Poland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Brazil and the United States.

    By extrapolating from these aggregate results, an average of quality that takes into account the physical and tourist dimensions of individual areas, then Booking makes the rankings by region and region each year, on an absolute level – that is, in relation to the international tourist – and on a local level, then based on Ratings of the country or territory in which the site is located. As explained by the company’s press office, the list of the friendliest cities in the world includes those destinations that have a large number of award-winning hotels, providing ample choice for travelers from all over the world. At the same time, the nationally ranked destinations have a high percentage of award winning properties considering the size of the site under consideration. This allows you to celebrate destinations that are less popular and less known than others.

    Polignano Top 10 Guide: Locations from 5 Continents

    This year, the world’s friendliest destinations are spread across five continents and include little-known coastal beauties, rural destinations surrounded by stunning landscapes and even a bustling metropolis in Latin America. As mentioned, they are all selected based on the percentage of partner properties that have won the Traveler Rating 2023 award and are also an unmissable source of inspiration for their future trips for even the most seasoned traveler.

    In absolute ranking, Polignano a Mare, successor to the “City of Stones” on the throne of the world, precedes the city Taiwanese to HualienOn the west coast of the island. Also on the platform is the coastal Basque town San SebastianAnd Spain. Here are two sites in the former Eastern Europe, and German DresdenNoted for its Baroque heart, the Frauenkirke dominates the church, restored just a few years ago using original pieces smashed by WWII bombs; Fifth KlaipedaIt is a resort on the Baltic Sea Lithuaniathis comes before Yorkthe best preserved medieval town (but of Roman origin) inEngland (northern). and then Ushuaiathe southernmost wild city Tierra del Fuego, Argentinaa gateway for those who want to discover Cape Horn And maybe notAntarctica. Octave Galinas PortA popular beach Brazilian Pernambucoahead of the only major city in the ranking, Mexico City. Close The Golden coastAnd Australiacity Queenslandjust south of Brisbane, which in theory is not a capital city but due to its geographic composition, density of skyscrapers compared to a relatively sparse population, has characteristics that can be defined as the city of Miami Down.

    Spain is the first region

    At the regional level, there is no Italian representation in the top ten. The friendliest regions in the world are Riojathe northern region of Spain It lies inland, south of Bilbao and Vitoria; L’Epirus (The far western branch of Greece, closest to Puglia and Calabria); L’Upper Austria, district of Linz, the extreme western branch of the northern Austrian side, on the border with Bavaria and the Czech Republic; the County DownUnited kingdom, northern Irelandthe area southeast of Belfast; MauriceAnd Romania, a province of Transylvania, in the central-eastern part of the country; the MarlboroIn the new Zelandthe northern branch of the South Island, an incredible frontier land between the tropical and the boreal atmosphere, and wholly unpredictable as to the latitude it occupies; Ninh BinhAnd Vietnaman area about eighty kilometers south of Hanoi that some call earthly Halong; LemonArea Costa Rica which boasts the highest percentage of protected areas in the country and is loved by naturalists and biodiversity seekers; Newfoundland And Labradorsthe wild northeastern fringes of the Atlantic Ocean Canada; North Dakota no middle American Midwest.

    Trentino-Alto Adige is the most popular with Italians

    In the Italian ranking of most welcoming destinations compared to countrymen, the Trentino-Alto Adige, with seven attempts in the top ten. I’m in a good state Colfusco (first), sterilization (Third), monastery (Fifth) , Sesto Pusteria (VI), cons (vii), Brixen (octave) e Iban on the wine route (not in). The three “intruders” they withdraw (SoSecond), Manarola (Five countriesAnd siv) e Valdobiadine (television, The tenth). Thanks to this exploitation, Trentino Alto Adige is the most welcoming region at the local level. precedes BasilicataAnd Valle d’AostaAnd Mollys And Campania.

    Hualien, Taiwan, second place

    Hualien, Taiwan, second place

    He commented, “It’s things like the personal attention to detail during check-in and insider tips for exploring the destination like a local that reveal the commitment of our partners.” Argan Dick, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Commitment that travelers appreciate in so many different ways every day. The Traveler Review Awards are our way of thanking them for their dedication to making everyone feel welcome and going above and beyond to create memorable experiences for our customers. Whether it’s a friendly greeting from a taxi driver at the airport, or a driving tip from staff Car rental or a friendly message welcoming you to your room, our partners help make every trip even more special.”

    Polignano a Mare, as the most welcoming city in the world, represents the best estimate that a society I have the honor to represent can aspire from a tourist point of view – he declared Mayor of the place where Domenico Modugno was born, Vito Carrieri – “ users have rewarded the skills, passion and sacrifices that operators and professionals make every day in this sector. I would like to think that the excellent hospitality has also been influenced by the welcoming attitude of our residents, the wonders and traditions, landscapes and cultural events, quality food and wines typical of our region. I am sure This recognition will only be a starting point, not an arrival. It serves as an incentive for our entire community to further improve, as well as representing a unique promotional tool for the consecration of Polignano as a tourist destination on the world stage.”

    Hualien, Taiwan, second place

    Hualien, Taiwan, second place

    More and more sustainable travel

    Globally, one in ten winning hotels (122,095) have also been awarded the Sustainable Travel icon in recognition of their commitment to sustainability. In fact, the accommodation facilities that I gotSustainable travel icon Turns out, they are three times more likely to receive a 2023 Traveler Rating Award than those without a code. Among all accommodation types, hotels have the highest percentage with the sustainable travel symbol (15%) and were awarded the 2023 Traveler Rating Award.

    Transportation Awards

    This is the fourth year that has recognized destination transportation providers for service excellence: 230 car rental companies in 150 countries have received the Traveler Review Award 2023. Car rental companies in Spain They are the ones who have received the most awards (23), followed by Greece (21), France (14), Italy (13) and Portugal (11). In addition, 58 airport taxi suppliers, representing a total of 6,131 drivers from 120 countries, were recognized for 2023. Spanish companies also received the most awards here (11 suppliers representing 442 drivers), followed by Greece (7 suppliers representing 1,196 drivers). drivers), Italy (5 suppliers representing 315 drivers), Poland (3 suppliers representing 524 drivers) and Portugal (3 suppliers representing 655 drivers).

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