Top 5 American sitcoms

    Top 5 American sitcoms

    Top 5 American sitcoms, the most beautiful

    The United States of America has given us some of the most iconic and appreciated entertainment products of the global imagination: movies, comics, novels and TV series, you name it. one of appearance The most famous and longest-running American media schedule is Comedy seriesa term depopulated from the 1950s onwards.

    It was the first TV series penright project, It was produced and broadcast in the UK between 1946 and 1947, although there are earlier examples of radio sitcoms as early as 1926. Unlike sketch comedy Based on Stand-up comedyThe cast of characters is fixed and not rotated all the time. The narrative direction is also more linear and complex, making it easier for viewers to empathize with the characters in the series.

    Some sitcoms have managed to create real cults. Groups of close-knit and very loyal fans of the same TV show who know every comma and Easter eggs.

    Let’s find out together about the best, in the Top 5 American Sitcoms!

    The Office (United States)
    Irreverent, snappy, frantic and unpredictable: the desk It will surprise you more than summer storms while you are walking peacefully down the street (without an umbrella). The series is the American version of the original production Made in the UK Comedian and writer Ricky Gervaisshorter than its American counterpart.

    Parks and Recreation
    It is built from The Office’s rib, with a few less subdued tones and a little more subdued; Parks and Rec It’s the chain you need but haven’t heard of (yet).
    Leslie Knope He has a dream: to make the fictional town of Pawnee (Indiana) a better place…to get to know Joe Biden…and to be the first female president of the United States of America…well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that He has a few dozen dreams But we will let you discover others by watching the series.
    with him Excellent staffgreat comedy and its balanced pace, Parks and Recreation It is a series not to be missed.

    how i met your mother
    Incurable romantic Ted Mosby shares a New York apartment with his two best friends Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. His life is turned upside down when beautiful Canadian journalist Robin Scherbatsky arrives in town and steals his heart. Our four heroes and the depraved Barney Stinson will form an inseparable quintet, living a very long series of adventures before reaching a solution to the question based on this sitcom: how Ted met the mother of his children.

    friends there Mother of the TV series as we know them today. It started in 1994 and continues to be 10 seasons Weave, a cast of promises of young people who have arrived stardom Thanks to the sitcom’s massive success, the excellent, and perhaps most surprising characterization job of all, is still very current nearly 30 years after the first broadcast.
    When watching Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler, you’ll also feel like you’re part of their company.

    Scrubs is the pearl of the American producer and screenwriter Bill Lawrencefirst aired NBC In 2001. We set off aggressively in sacred heartbased on the novel by John Michael Dorian, Young General Practitioner, better known as Dinar
    The adventures of our heroes in scrubs within the hospital walls will make you laugh out loud and cry until all bodily fluids are drained.

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