Top 100000 order ready

    Top 100000 order ready

    The Cashback, i.e. a refund of 10% of expenses made using electronic payment tools with a maximum of 150 euros per semester, seems set to decline permanently. Drafts under discussion in recent weeks are possible Budget Law 2022 It should actually beat the government’s payment plan.

    This procedure was introduced in 2021 of count the government To increase the use of credit and debit cards in in-store purchases. The plan also included one Special Award For the people who used the cards the most during the different concession periods: Previous 100 thousand according to the number of transactions Can aspire to get credit on the current account of 1,500 EUR. But when will the refund arrive?

    Super Cashback: Then the refund will arrive

    Meanwhile, today the first contacts, directly on the IO app, reached those who are among the 100,000 citizens who made the largest number of valid transactions during the first half of the year. If payments of 150 euros related to 10% of expenditures made in the first half of 2021 have already been made, then users who were most active with credit cards have not yet received the “promised” 1500 euros from Supercashback. But now they can begin the celebration, because only those who fall within the hundred thousand in these hours receive the message that testifies to the “win.” In addition to confirming that you are entitled to the amount, he also knows that he will receive the transfer imminent now November 30.

    By that date, the ranking will be posted live onio . app, but can also be revealed via the website of what? x de Bajuba. In any case, all participants in the cashback program will receive a notification on the date short message from bank transfer. Winners may also, a few days in advance, receive a message on the IO or other apps allowing them to join State Cashback.

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