Toothbrush cover: Never use it, here’s what you risk, dentists reveal

    Toothbrush cover: Never use it, here’s what you risk, dentists reveal

    Do you also have a toothbrush with a lid at home? Don’t do it again, this is the reason that will amaze you!

    We all have toothbrushes in the bathroom, The clue is inside a cup or something similar. Then, for reasons of hygiene, many leave a toothbrush cap over its bristles, which is usually made of plastic.

    Toothbrush cap: never use it, that’s what you risk –

    But did you know that Isn’t this something that should absolutely be done? Even dentists advise against it. Let’s find out together the reasons behind this. Scroll down the next few lines and tell yourself well about your health.

    Toothbrush cover? of course not!

    We are all there We brush our teeth several times a day to keep our mouth and teeth healthy. Even young children learn this healthy and correct habit. But did you know that A large part of the population does not use a toothbrush right? According to the latest statistics, we are talking about 70%.

    The number one mistake that is made regarding oral hygiene is one’s own How do we store our toothbrushes? Did you ever notice it when we bought it? Is there a toothbrush cover in the package? Here you should never use it After brushing your teeth.

    This is the reason that will leave you speechless –

    Do you know why? It has damp bristles and bacteria and mold can develop when sealed in the plastic container. It is also recommended to avoid storing it in drawers or closed doors. The ideal is to let them air dry and away from the toilet. If we place it nearby, it may attract fecal bacteria.

    We keep ours Toothbrush in a cup or glass, but vertically, making sure that it does not touch the other bristles. Let’s also remember that after brushing your teeth, it’s a good idea to rinse your toothbrush carefully as well. A guest, if there are any leftovers.

    very important Change it every three months or soHowever, we always check our whiskers. It is the true indicator of the health of our toothbrush. If it’s no longer straight it’s time to make a change.

    Then remember the right way To dispose of the toothbrush in the unsorted trash It’s not plastic in it as you would surely think! Also please pay attention to the environment. Keep following us To always discover a new and specific idea related to the world around us and everything that can help us feel better.

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