Home sport Tomorrow is the departure of the blue

Tomorrow is the departure of the blue

Tomorrow is the departure of the blue

Rome – Tomorrow, Monday, July 10, the departure of the Blues to Arlington (USA) is scheduled. At the end of three days of work at the Giulio Onesti Olympic Training Center, CT girls Davide Mazzanti are ready to dive in. finals. After finishing the intercontinental stage of the VNL in 6th place with a final tally of 8 wins and 4 defeats including 7 wins achieved between Hong Kong and Bangkok, it is time for Italy for their first knockout match this long summer. The date of July 13 at 21 Italian time was set against Turkey, who finished the first stage of the Volleyball Nations League with third place in the general classification, with 9 wins and 3 defeats. Waiting for Italy or Turkey in the semi-finals will be the winner of the other quarter between the USA and Japan. Live broadcast of the Volleyball Nations League on Sky Sports.

data –

Silvia Noakalor: “We are very happy and energized for this final,” declared the Italian opponent. “We will definitely play to reach the highest possible level, to crown the work that has been done so far. We played a difficult stage in Bangkok, not only because those matches were necessary to get back into the top eight, But also because tired physically and mentally after weeks of travel and matches, he felt tired. But I think our determination really outweighs the fatigue factor. With Turkey in the quarter-finals it will definitely be a difficult match, but compared to the match in Antalya I think we will go into the field with more awareness of what we are “On him and what we can do. From a personal point of view, I am ready to give my best as I always have. I count a lot on myself and the team, and I can’t wait to get started.”

The 14th Blue –

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Setters: Francesca Bosio and Giulia Gennari

Opposites: Sylvia Noakalor and Adhu Malual

Spikes: Alice Degrady, Francesca Villani, Sofia Dodorico, Loveth Omoroi, Myriam Cela

Midfielders: Ana Danisi, Alicia Mazzaro, and Federica Squarcini

Free: Eleonora Vercino and Beatrice Parrish

Quarter-final program (Italian times) –

July 12th at 11:00 pm: Poland – Germany

July 13 at 2:30: USA – Japan

July 13 at 17:30 BST

July 13 at 21:00: Italy – Türkiye

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