Tomatoes: Do not eat them if you have these conditions or you will get sick

    Tomatoes: Do not eat them if you have these conditions or you will get sick

    Tomatoes are the symbol of Italian cuisine. In fact, with its red color and juicy pulp, it is one of the favorite foods of Italians and others. In addition to their irresistible taste, tomatoes are a great source of nutrients including fiber, lycopene, vitamins A, C and K, lutein, zeaxanthin and minerals like potassium, but despite their many beneficial effects, they are in any case absolutely essential. It is important not to consume too much.

    In fact, tomatoes have many contraindications, especially for those who suffer from certain diseases.

    Tomatoes: Do not eat them if you have these conditions or you will get sick

    Eating tomatoes can also lead to allergic reactions, including rashes, hives, sneezing, coughing, itchy throat, eczema, and even swelling of the face and mouth. And for those who already suffer from allergies, tomatoes can be even more dangerous. Even for those with a stomachache, tomatoes are not among the recommended foods.

    In fact, tomato peels and seeds have a very irritating effect that can affect the lining of the intestine, supporting the increase in irritable bowel syndrome. Then people with tomato intolerance or allergies can have diarrhea and breathing problems.

    Eating large amounts of tomatoes can interfere with immune function making it less efficient at fighting bacterial and fungal infections, due to the disproportionate intake of lycopene. For older adults, high levels of lycopene can negatively affect the prostate gland, causing pain in the abdomen. prostateUrinary tract difficulties or even cancer.

    The right amount to consume tomatoes, to ensure that the body stores them in sufficient and balanced quantities to do well, and not to risk is to eat up to a third of a cup of tomatoes per day. Obviously, this is just a general measure, as everyone has different levels of tomato tolerance. Finally, this is certainly not only a general and subjective indicator that is adaptable to living organisms, but also a recommendation because it is clear that those who are intolerant of tomatoes should take into account their dietary limits and not force themselves to eat this food more than too much. .

    So for those who suffer from some diseases Tomatoes are not recommended or in any way recommended for proper self-administration of this food.

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