Tomato puree, if you get it wrong with the cooking time, will be your doom: you will have to throw everything in the trash

    Tomato puree, if you get it wrong with the cooking time, will be your doom: you will have to throw everything in the trash
    How to prepare tomato sauce - avod
    Homemade tomato sauce – ifood (source pixabay)

    The perfect sauce has precise rules that must be respected if we want to bring a mouth-watering dish to the table. Ragu recipe and cooking times.

    there Tomato paste It is a healthy, tasty and light food obtained from ripe tomatoes that are crushed and finely “sautéed” to obtain their juice.

    It is very easy to make at home, you just need to have the right tools starting with the raw material, i.e. tomatoes. These should be mature enough; You will then need glass jars and a vegetable grinder, or if possible the right machine to make the sauce, which will make the job a lot easier.

    First on you Disinfect This is by boiling the jars in a large pot, perhaps lining them with a clean cloth so as not to strike them and break them.

    Boil it for half an hour and let it cool without touching it, then eat it without touching the inside and put it on another clean tea towel upside down. Now deal with tomatoes.

    How to make tomato paste

    Take a tomato and Wash them well Then put it in a bowl full of water to scald it gently. Someone cuts it into pieces before boiling, but while doing so, it is true that it will be easier to puree, but it will also absorb a lot of water. And the watery sauce isn’t exactly the best.

    After scalding you can put them in a file Vegetable grinder. This step is the most complicated as you will have to repeat it over and over until you are left with only the crusts without any trace of juice. Once you have finished mashing the tomatoes, you can start filling the glass jars.

    tomato puree
    tomato puree – ifood (source pixabay)

    appropriate cooking time

    Here too there are different currents of thought. Before filling the glass jars, someone would boil the sauce for about 15 minutes, but if you like you can skip this step and go straight to transformation. You can flavor with a few basil leaves and if you like you can also add salt. Remember to leave a few centimeters of space from the lid, close it tightly and put everything back in a large bowl lined with a tea towel.

    This step is very important because if the sauce is not done well, it can become rancid, sour, or worse Mold. How long should you cook tomato paste? Roughly calculate from the moment the water starts to boil An hour and a half. Turn off the gas and leave the jars inside the saucepan until they cool on their own. Your sauce is ready to eat.

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