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    (ANSA) – SYDNEY, July 07 – Australia and India have also decided to adopt the double-standard formula at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23). As in the case of Italy, Spain and Japan, the spouses will be made up of a man and a woman.

    In the case of Australia, that honor will go to NBA basketball player Patty Mills, San Antonio Spurs guard, and swimmer Kate Campbell, who has already won five medals at the Games in her career. For him and him it would be his fourth Olympic participation, but in Mills’ case it must be emphasized that he would also be the first Australian, and therefore Aboriginal, “citizen” to fill that role. “As a proud man of Kokatha, Ngirgal and Dowerp Mariam, I think all this is incredible – Mills commented after the Australian Olympic Committee’s announcement. For me, it is a moment of strong emotion, one that I can feel in my bones.” In total, Australia will send a squad of 472 athletes to Tokyo, a number lower than the 482 “Australians” who participated in Athens 2004.

    As for India, its standard-bearers will be six-time world boxing champion Mary Kom, 38, and national hockey captain Manpreet Singh, 28. In the latter sport, India was the Asian champion and won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Now he wants to complete the “triple” by winning the Olympic championship. (handle).

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