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Tokyo 2020: Jacobs flag bearer at closing ceremony. Do you doubt? “I dont care”

Tokyo: Jacobs portabandiera chiusura. Sospetti? “Non do importanza”

Kony announced that Italy’s standard-bearer at the ceremony on Sunday, August 8th will be the blue who won the gold medal in the 100 metres. The athlete, after qualifying with Bata, Desalo and Torto in the final of the 4×100 relay, comments on the accusations of doping from abroad: “I only came here with hard work, so it certainly does not affect me.” Then he reveals: “I sleep with the medal.” Coe: “It’s just speculation.”

Marcel Jacobs, the 100m flat gold medalist, will be the flag bearer of Italy at the Tokyo 2020 closing ceremony to be held on Sunday, August 8. This was announced by the President of Kony Giovanni Malaghi. The blue athlete responded to fairly frank allegations of doping from the United States and the United Kingdom. “The controversy doesn’t affect me at all, I don’t even answer it because I will only give importance,” said (medal holder – all Italian medalists – today’s results).

Jacobs: “I’m not going to respond because I’m just going to give it importance”

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In recent days, the Anglo-Saxon press has expressed doubts about Jacobs’ performance in the 100-meter race. Now the answer has arrived from the gold medal athlete. “I know I came here to make a lot of sacrifices, a lot of work, defeats and disappointments. I always stood up and rolled up my sleeves. I only came here by working hard, so it doesn’t affect me at all. I didn’t even answer because I would give it to you.” only importance.” He also spoke about the controversy over some athletes using shoes that are considered more performant than others. “The shoes are practically identical to each other, I purposely did some optojump tests at a distance of 60 meters between the old and new shoes. In fact, it feels more than the shoe itself. From the data we did not see any significant difference: speed, frequencies, are the same. It is It’s more about how the shoe fits, that’s it.”

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“The gold medal? I sleep with it”

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Jacobs then rejected the possibility of his permanent move to the United States, where his father lives, with whom he reconnected after a long time. “I have no intention of going to live in the United States, because I feel great in Italy, I have everything I need, and I never thought about it. The desire to go there is just to reconnect with my family and spend time with my parents, something I never I’ve tried it before,” he explained. Then he revealed:” Gold Medal? Sleeping together, because I’m still struggling to achieve 100%, I’m still locked up in the village. She sleeps with me, I look at her now and then and I admire her. “

Jacobs in the final with a blue relay 4×100

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Jacobs spoke at the end of qualifying for the 4×100 blue relay race: the four Italians – plus Jacobs there Lorenzo Batta, Iusa DeSallo and Filippo Torto – finished the semi-finals in third place, at 37’95 (the new Italian record), and qualified for the final (scheduled tomorrow at 15.50) . “Since we have done great things, we also dream of tomorrow. I felt the love of everyone from Italy, too,” Jacobs said.

Coe on doping allegations: ‘It’s just speculation’


Who is Marcel Jacobs, the European record holder in the 100 meters and the gold in Tokyo

Returning to the doping allegations, Sebastian Coe, president of World Athletics, spoke about it as well. “Jacobs’ doping claims? Frankly, I don’t read all the papers, it’s just speculation: about every athlete I trust to perform in the race. We have anti-doping systems in place that guarantee certainty in every performance,” said Coe, president of world athletics and Olympic double 1500 gold. He added, “I’ve followed his progress, he has good training behind him, a good coach. Such exploitation can occur in athletics: progress in our sport is linear and statistical.”

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