Todom Summary: Everything you might not have seen at our event in Korea

    Riassunto Tudum: Tutto quello che potresti non aver visto durante il nostro evento in Corea

    Welcome to Tudum: A global event for Netflix fans 2022, an exciting day filled with exclusive news, unreleased photos, trailers, previews and interviews with top Netflix actors and writers. The free virtual event is a tribute to Netflix fans and is dedicated to sharing scoops on over 120 TV series, movies, and specials from around the world.

    • On September 24 at 4:00 CET, Todom kicks off an exciting show from Korea.

    • On September 24 at 7:30 AM CET, fans will have the chance to catch some premieres from India.

    • At 19:00 CET Tudum starts with a two-part show: Part One from the US and Europe and Part Two at 20:30 CET from Latin America, with surprises from other countries.

    • On September 25th at 6:00 CET, our stars from Japan will conclude the Tudum Festival with an event dedicated to Japanese entertainment.

    Tudum: A global event for Netflix fans will be available at netflix youtube channels around the world in 29 different languages, Including Visit the official Netflix website for fans, get the latest news about this global fan event and stay tuned for event updates.

    After an amazing introduction on this topic squid game From MayTree the show kicks off, hosts Tudum Choi Min Ho (amazing) And the Cho Yi Hyun (We are no longer alive) Keep the energy high with a dance performance by hook and a private message by Lee Hyun-woo (“Ryo”), which shares an exclusive clip of House of Cards: Korea – Part Two.

    Moon Sae Hoon From singles hell Joins Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-hyun on Tudum Stage and Visits Shin Ji Yeon, appeared in the first season of the series, which takes fans on a tour of the reality site. To preview this title and more, watch the entire Tudum event.

    Still on the front of reality, fans can get an exclusive first look Physical: 100 to 1a new series in which 100 contestants compete to prove who has the best physique.

    connectors Korea No. 1 Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang SooAnd theKim Yeon Kong Show viewers their new reality show focusing on traditional crafts.

    Choi Min HoHe leaves the Tudum stage to join the co-star amazing Chai Su BinAnd answer questions about the drama taking place in the fashion world.

    Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-Hyun announce plans for the next drama Somebody And the gloryIn addition to showing unreleased thriller clips flaw And the twentieth century girl.

    After celebrating the renewal DPAnd the Beautiful house And the We are no longer alive And it’s showing fans an amazing video of all they can see in Tudum: a global Netflix event for fans, where monsters falling from the sky chase hosts Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-hyun from the stage! Only one thing can cause this: a return destined to perish.

    Finally, a manager squid game Hwang Dong-hyuk ends the show with an unreleased clip from season one.

    From Korea that’s it! Don’t miss all the news from India, North America, Europe, Latin America and Japan all day long.

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