Today “Strawberry Superluna” is the second of 2022 broadcast live at 10.45 pm – space and astronomy


    Today’s night, Tuesday, June 14, will be lit by “Strawberry Supermoon”: our satellite, coinciding with the full moon, will reach its orbit point closest to Earth (perihelion), and therefore will appear larger and brighter than the moon. usual.
    It’s the second Superluna that 2022 gives us, and there will be two more. Its evocative name was coined by Native Americans and has been passed down to this day in honor of the strawberry harvest. However, in Europe, this moon is also known as the “flower moon”, because this is the period when the queen of flowers blooms. It will be possible to follow the event live thanks to the Virtual Telescope project, which will broadcast it on its website starting at 10.45 pm.

    “The next Superluna will appear about 7% larger and brighter than average, but only an experienced observer can perceive it,” says Gianluca Massi, an astrophysicist and chief scientist for the Virtual Telescope Project. “Actually – continues Massey – these are not entirely surprising differences, which nonetheless add charm to the event, and are a valuable opportunity to admire our natural satellite in the context of the night sky, a landscape that is increasingly neglected and forgotten.”

    Both full moon and new moon are considered “superluna” (a term that has no scientific value), as long as they occur with our satellite at a minimum distance from Earth. However, of course, the new moon is not visible in the sky, so the only supermoon that can be observed is the full moon, unless a solar eclipse occurs on the new supermoon (it happened in March 2016). In 2022, in addition to the four complete Supermons, three new ones will also fall, which, however, cannot be admired.

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