Tizen OS also on smart TVs other than Samsung: by the end of the year in Italy

    Tizen OS also on smart TVs other than Samsung: by the end of the year in Italy


    Samsung Today it announced that it has signed a new licensing partnership to bring its smart TV operating system for the first time, Tizen OS, even on devices of other brands. It seems that the arrival is also expected in our country by the end of 2022 and will also bring entertainment applications and some functions of Samsung TVs.

    Samsung’s Tizen OS also arrives on other smart TVs thanks to a commercial agreement

    Samsung Tizen operating system

    before the end of the year Tizen OSan operating system used exclusively by Samsung until now, and will also debut on Smart TVs Acai, Bon, Lensar, RCA, Vespera, Sunny And the auxin.

    New models from the above brands will be available for the first time with Tizen OS in Australia, Italiaand New Zealand, Spain, Turkey and the UK, bringing with them the most popular entertainment apps and also other special functions:

    • Samsung Plus TVThe free streaming platform with hundreds of entertainment, news and sports channels
    • global guidewhich allows you to easily browse and discover the contents of the various entertainment applications available on Tizen
    • Bixbythe assistant that allows you to search for content in various applications using the remote control with your voice
    Samsung Tizen operating system

    We will continue to expand our licensing program to bring Tizen OS and its ecosystem to other devices and brands around the world.Happy Youngjae Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

    What other brands would you like to see take advantage of Samsung’s operating system?

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