Tire dealer doesn’t care anymore

    Tire dealer doesn't care anymore

    Reversing tires is one of the smartest moves to make them last longer. But how do you know if your mechanic actually reversed it? There is a method that will make you speechless and will guarantee you a real “change” made by your tire dealer!

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    Plaster tire hoax – Motori.News

    Reversing tires is one of the most recommended movements by tire dealers and professional mechanics. The reasons may be related to increased safety and extended tire life. In fact, tire wear will be different between the rear and the front. As many know, the vast majority of cars are front-wheel drive. So the front tires deteriorate faster than the rear tires! How to do in Find out if your mechanic really reversed the tires when you took the car to the workshop? There is an incredible trick!

    But when are tires reversed? It is usually appropriate to perform this operation once every 12 months or every 15,000 km, In case of heavy use of the vehicle! Many also recommend inverting tires just for the sake of fuel economy. In fact. This is not the case. Tire core protects against wear, but it does not change the depreciation-related values ​​in an obvious way! But what’s the trick to letting you know if your tire dealer is really fair to you? Here everything is explained in detail!

    Tire Flip: Here’s the Trick to Make You Feel Comfortable!

    If you notice visible signs of wear on the front tires, it is advisable to change the tires. But if the wear is still sustainable, then reversing the front parts with the rear (and vice versa) can be a really recommended solution. To “extend” the life of your tires and delay cash outlays for buying new tires!

    tire chalk
    Gypsum hoax for “safe” tire reversal – Motori.News

    We talked about the importance of reversing tires on a regular basis and the real reasons for this process and its benefits. But how do you know if your mechanic actually did this operation or just forgot? There is a chalk trick that lets you feel comfortable every time you have to do that reflection!

    Before taking the car to the tire dealer, you can mark the different tires with a piece of chalk. For example, you can put an “AS” on the left front or on the right back with a “PD”. This way you will understand if the mechanic is really effective in “changing” the position of your tires!

    You can also check if the tire dealer has moved the front from the right side to the back of the same side. In fact, The inversion should happen without flipping the sides at all, but only the area on the front and back of the same side! Mark all tires with chalk – in the manner described above – You will immediately understand if your tire dealer has performed the operations correctly!

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