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    Treviso – From New York to Treviso. The most famous dessert in the world managed to unite two continents. How many of you prepared tiramisu yesterday to celebrate the day dedicated to the world’s most famous dessert?

    When we say tiramisu, we immediately think of Treviso, his hometown, but yesterday, On the day of tiramisu, many, in every part of the world and every time zone, ventured into making an irresistible dessert spoon. One of the most searched recipes on Google and the most popular abroad among Italian desserts. The Tiramisu Academy officially recognized it as a typical Treviso dessert. In the spread of this dessert, the people of Treviso could play a major role and who migrated around the world after World War II, bringing with them the recipe for this dessert and its unlimited familiar versions.

    For the occasion, the The Tiramisu World Cup has called up 30 of the best competitors for an online competition Very Special: From their kitchens, aspiring chefs, associated with Italy, Russia, Canada and the United States ventured into a long live show with delicious challenges to claim the title of Best Tiramis Day 2021.

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