Time for Giir di Mont, the elite of sky climbing on Premana’s trails

    Mattia Gianola

    On Sunday, July 31, 400 athletes from around the world will compete on the legendary track

    Saturday 30 July Date with the final of the Italian Mountain Running Championship with Giir di Mont – Uphill

    Premana – Preparations are in full swing in Bremana for the long-awaited return of the classic race, now in its 28th edition and while Registrations for “Giir di Mont” are still open until July 27 For all the passionate runners who want to take to the same arena as the International Sprint Champions, the starting list of champions who will compete to win the first Italian stage of the FIFA World Cup Mountain Run 2022 It is defined approx. Next July 31 400 athletes from 14 countries (Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria, Senegal, Rwanda, Romania, Mexico, Spain, Eritrea, Kenya, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Malta) will compete on 32 kilometers of trails and mule tracks through pre-national forests and grasslands with 2400 meters Positive height difference.

    The King of Muntanya, Mexican legend, returns to Giir di Mont Ricardo MejiaThe winner is here in 2007 with an unforgettable final race on Kilian Journet Which gave the audience and participants a legendary version, while the Roman army participated Georgy Salbuch And the Ionot Zinkalast in the honor list 2013. From Spain confirmed Raul Criado Sanchezwho performed well in the World Cup last year, from Rwanda Jean Baptiste SimockaAnd from Kenya Lengen Lolkurrarufresh from a stunning test at Sierre Zinal last year, touching the podium, which will initially be with his teammate. Eric Muthomi Ryong’o. Highly anticipated after an unlucky world release in 2017, but still the Primano track record holder, it’s unbelievable Petro Mamo From Eritrea (Petro Mamo was disqualified for doping and left the title to the Italian Francesco Bobby). During the twinning contract between Premana and Run2gether, the Austrian-Kenyan team will line up at the start Motori Moinda roamed.

    In the Bremana race, the best racers in the Lecco region can’t miss, Daniel Antonioli2nd place in 2019 and 3rd in 2018 at Giir di Mont and back from Super AMA VK2 Monterosa as well as other excellent results; Luca del Peruwinner of Pizzo Stella and champion, among others, of the Livigno Skymarathon will compete for the first time in Premana; Lorenzo Beltramifresh from Triumph in Resegup; Ahmed Al-Mazourithe very powerful middle-distance runner who gave up the track to take the mountain trails, after a few victories in the spring races, is looking for the loophole in the most famous races; Andrea Rota, who snatched sixth place from the new Europeans in the Canary Islands in the long-distance test; premanense is also in the beginning Mattia Gianola, who has just touched the podium at DoloMythsRun and will try to get a value-driven result of the local audience. Last but not least, the Bergamo Document Sergio BonaldiA cross country skier with great skills can express himself well on such a challenging and muscular course. Nationally, the comeback stands out 10 years later, and may be more prepared for this distance than it was in 2013, Martin Dematis.

    For women’s racing, the new star of Lecco will be fighting between the tracks and the steep slopes Martina Belorawinner of Resegup; Chiara Giovandothe new winner of Aosta – Pica de Nonna; Fabiola Contiwhich proved to be among the best in the world at Zigama and at the Mont Blanc Roman Marathon Ingrid Mutter Winner of 2016 Kenya Premana Lucy Wambwe Morigithe world champion in Premana 2017, who was not satisfied with the discipline that she considers the protagonist, i.e. fast racing, decided to participate in the long test, American Hilary GirardiKeema Cup winner, Tromso Skyrace, Sentiero delle Grigne, second place in the AMA Vk2 Monterosa.

    Silvia Rampazo, Guerre de Montt 2019
    Silvia Rampazo, Guerre de Montt 2019

    Italian Mountain Running Championship on Saturday 30 July

    On Saturday July 30, there are also high expectations for the Italian Mountain Running Championship final “Giir di Mont – Uphill” With the 9-kilometre “climb-only” route to the Alp Solino, he will win the absolute titles.

    Italians in the title race: Francesca Galvey, winner of the ascent and descent test at “La Corsa del 70° – La Recastello” on the 5th of last June in Gazzaniga (BG); Italian hero Alice Jajibut also Alicia Skinny And the Sarah Butarelli. The protagonist of the World Cup, the Belgian, is also on the field Charlotte CottonSlovenian Mojka Colligar and Finnish Susanna Sabunkywhile they arrived from the United Kingdom Sarah TunstallBronze Medal in Premana 2017, Sarah McCormackAnd the Scout Adkin. Reduction of the silver medal in the last European Championships in the Romanian Canary Islands Maddalena Floria. But in the beginning there will above all be the queens of the vertical: pluriblasonata and the silver veteran of Premana 2017 Andrea Mayerthe aforementioned Lucy Morigi And the Joyce Nigerianthe Run2gether color holder, remains to this day the mandatory candidate for the 2022 World Cup in great shape after recent cup tests.

    The race for the men’s tricolor title will see athletics group Valli Bergamasche Cesar MaestreAnd the Xavier SchefferrAnd the Hannes BerkmannChallenged by the champions of the first ascent and descent test Fender Rostan And the Henry Hemonod, awaiting confirmation of the “vertical man” last year, but today he suffers from some physical problems. The Spaniard will double and will also take part in the new Uphill Raul Criado SanchezIrish zach hannaBritish Chris Richard And the Jacob Adkin The Czech European Veterans Mark Krashina The French European Champion Sylviane Kachard. Finally, the African Battalion with the boys of Saluzzo Eric Ryong’o And the Lengen LolkorrauCaptain Run2gheter Jeffrey Jeconibut above all starts as a World Youth Cup champion Philemon Kerego Ombugo And the Patrick Kippingeno.

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