Tim, Alert accounts (Dazn has this to do): 11 board members v. CEO Luigi Gubitosi. Trade unions: 40,000 seats at risk, Giorgiti will meet with us

      Tim, Alert accounts (Dazn has this to do): 11 board members v. CEO Luigi Gubitosi.  Trade unions: 40,000 seats at risk, Giorgiti will meet with us

    board of directors Tim They will meet again Friday 26 After 11 members signed a letter – it was expected before Republic It is defined as “hard tones, where there is talk of mistrust and anxiety” – request Governance Discussion, At this time in the hands of the CEO Luigi Gobitossi, and the “deterioration of accounts” that burdens the support decision dozen in buying the TV rights to league. Plus 11 directors, too board of legal reviewers He was writing a “separate letter” to the president Russian Salvator “Expression Worry to perform the calculations.” The letter addressed to Rossi was signed by all directors except for Rossi himself, Jupitosi, and The Independent. Paula Bonomi and President of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Giovanni Giorno Tempini who still writes Republic, “I will not be in discord Content “but” he didn’t want to reveal himself before the expected CDP for Thursday 25th”, on the eve of Tim’s board of directors. For weeks, as expected daily factJupitosi’s position hangs in the balance Urgently from Vivendi, first shareholder with 24% of the capital. The French partner did not hide his presence Not satisfied As for the group’s results, it seems that the front of discontent has widened. In the face of the meeting of the Board of Directors, i trade unions They requested a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo GiorgettiHe explained that 40,000 jobs are at risk if the strategic plan for the three-year period that begins in January is skipped.

    As far as it has been learned, the meeting scheduled for the 26th will be held in parallel with the meetingNovember 11, which was already held at the time at the special request of Vivendi representatives to evaluate strategy in a team. During the board meeting on the 26th, once again the strategy should be referred to in light of the preparation Strategic Plan 2022-2024. Basic industrial plan, according to the unions: “If you jump, it is 40,000 places are at risk of work”, warns the Secretary General of Slc CGIL, Fabrizio Solari. Workers’ representatives wrote a letter to Minister Giorgetti warning that the latest news “leaves no room for further delay” and that “another drowning” of the former monopolist looms. The company that bases its industrial recovery plan on infrastructure project Shared by the government – they write – now sees everything surprisingly questionable and yet unclear Change location from the executive branch. Tim’s job stability is at risk with the risk of thousands of redundancies and the retention of the entire Tlc sector,” unions write to Mise requesting urgent meeting.

    “The obligatory choice of Tim’s future – says Solari – was within the choice of industrial policy that the previous government had somehow endorsed, with letters of intent between Cdp and Tim and Open the fiber In August 2020 ″. Thus, since then, the company has prepared itself for a solution identified that complies with two main criteria: responding to the country program, i.e. providing us next generation network Capable of satisfying all the needs of the country, the flip side was to find housing also from an industrial point of view for Tim’s 40 thousand employees. what is happening now? ‘ asks the secretary SLC CGIL.

    Solari says political decisions “risk getting killed again” Tim Ann “at the time privatization It was among the first telecom companies in the world, internationalized and debt-free.” He adds that after privatization, “it became a company very exposed, with one foreign participation and with a religion Too long son of how the recapitalization was implemented.” The unionist adds that the problem of corporate governance is “unsustainable for the country.” The two are in Germany it is in France, where “the monopoly of the network is in the hands of orange, the important presence of the state was preserved while it was not in Italy.” Solari says that in Italy he “allowed himself to be polyurethane, with the French capital, to reach Takeover Threshold Today, he is Tim’s largest shareholder with approximately 24% from the capital “.

    A modern country, with the role played by telecommunications, cannot fail to have its own ability to influence this sector – concludes first place in Slc-Cgil – Finally, I note that among the 4 largest operators in Italy – Tim, Wind and Vodafone and Iliad – no one is credited with our country and this is an anomaly.” Moreover Vestel Cecil She says she’s particularly worried: “Just a week after Tim’s last board in these hours, they’re starting to show up confusing verbs of managers, under the guidance of shareholders who aim to overturn corporate governance, rather than work on an industrial development plan,” explains Vito Vitali, the general secretary of the union, who also denounces the responsibility of politics for the state in which the former monopolist finds himself.

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