TikTok is building three data centers in Europe

    TikTok is building three data centers in Europe

    he is called clover flowerin Italian “trifoglio”, the new project sent before Tik Tok. The Chinese entertainment platform announced the details on March 8, stating that it will provide new measures to guarantee More security for data Among the member states of the European Union are the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

    Based onapproach adopted in the United StatesTikTok will tighten existing data access controls Introducing new security gates Through which employees will be able to access the data of users Tik Tok From the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom The latter can be transferred. In fact, any data access must pass through first through various checks.

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    The Chinese platform also revealed this Will ensure independent oversight and monitoring Label as a partner European third party Data security specialists. So it will be a separate company to supervise and review the controls and on Data protectionto observe last flush and submit Independent verificationsBeside Report any anomalies. TikTok will also work with other companies to incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies into their approach More reinforcement Privacy.

    All this will be possible because the Chinese platform, complementing the European data center Dublin Already announced last year, it will implement some Another in the Irish capital And One in the Hamar region, Norway. The latter will work by the way using 100% renewable energyIt is mainly derived from plants hydropower Local people.

    TikTok has already started storing email data in Ireland More than 150 million people European who access the platform every month and will continue to do so throughout 2023 and into 2024. Once complete, the three data centers will be able to hold user data thanks to Total annual investment of 1.2 billion euros.

    He’s been busy working on Project Clover since last year Company internal teamwith the aim of not only creating the platform Complies with European standards In terms of data security, however Even creating new, more advanced programsand reduce data flows outside Europe And reduce as much as possible employee access for user information.

    Alfalfa project – He claims TikTok’s Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy for Europe Theo BertramReinforces our longstanding commitment to data security in Europe and helps ensure that our European community, of 150 million users, can benefit from it Data protection and security system at the highest levels in the sector“.

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