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Thousands of tons of oil are pumped into the Mediterranean due to the collapse of a power plant in Syria

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Oil Spill in Syria

Authorities in Northern Cyprus, part of the territory of Cyprus governed by Turkish forces and recognized only by Turkey, said a large amount of oil leaked from a tank at a thermal power plant in the coastal city of Banias, Syria, is approaching. Northeast coast of the island. Northern Cyprus government He said The use of two ships and the installation of an emergency barrier at sea to try to prevent oil spills in the Mediterranean from reaching shores, but it is not clear whether it will succeed.

Syria and the northeastern part of Cyprus are located about 130 kilometers away. Last week, the Syrian authorities they said That oil had started to leak from the Baniyas power station tank on August 23, and that the leak, which amounted to about 15,000 tons, was then examined. According to the study of some satellite images and according to the authorities of Northern Cyprus, the loss will be greater than what Syria claimed, that is, by about 20 thousand tons.

The oil spill that is about to affect Cyprus is the second environmental disaster of its kind in the Mediterranean in 2021: in February, a marine oil spill deposited tons of tar on nearly 200 km of coastline between Israel and Lebanon.

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