Home Tech Those who suffer uprisings by Benedetta Parodi are at the top

Those who suffer uprisings by Benedetta Parodi are at the top

Those who suffer uprisings by Benedetta Parodi are at the top

Benedita Parodi asserts herself as our inspirational source of inspirationNot only for his cooking shows on TV, but also for his Instagram profile where he alternates between classy looks with stunning shots of recipes taken from his books. Thus, between chocolate cake and cvery light aftanoAunt Penny’s Diary Tendency Show us what’s new Summer 2021 fashion trend: boho chic maxi skirts. And yes, we would like a thousand like this. Holidays dreamed and will come. Just think of a gypsy skirt, perhaps paired with a mini crop top to visualize a summer scene. So for the summer of 2021, we go beyond this imagining: Long skirts are a must The frank and bright colors like the one he wears also receded Benedita Parodi. Focusing on the classics at the end is always a good thing. And if a biscuit-colored trench coat is the safe haven for every bored look, then high-heeled shoes are the bedrock of a chic outfit. Long skirt with flounces He continues to chart fashion trends wherever he goes.

Benedita Parodi Long Skirts

The long skirt from Benedetta Parodi signed Guess for an all-white look.

Screenshot from IGTV video by Benedetta Parodi

Benedita Parodi She is the last godmother of the long dress, and her The draped skirts have conquered Guess Instagram (and us too). A discreet outfit that doesn’t exaggerate the moderate look with great potential gypsy mood long skirt This season is very strong. soft, with slight bulges, The white and red-purple skirt will be worn all summer 2021 like Benedita ParodiWith a romantic blouse and a pair of low-heeled sandals. Fashion trends summer 2021 They spoke loudly and clearly, and called us to believe (again) in the feminine dress that enters with the right of appointment among the must-haves of the moment. So far, we’ve done nothing but leave it at the bottom of your wardrobe: Now, whether you want to take it back from your ’90s archive or want to buy a new one, just know that this season’s high rise skirts only ask you one thing: to dress with character and personality. . We’re already fantasizing about them in fresh white crop tops and blouses (maybe knotted at the waist, with a navel in sight?).

Bendetta Parodi . Maxi Skirt Covering along the edge but also sexy thanks to its lightness and pleats, it is the perfect ally for everyday life, for an outfit that is as feminine as it is practical and fresh. For lovers of understated elegance, Benedetta Parodi’s plain white skirt combines with a contrasting top for a color-blocking look that’s sure to flatter your tan. One of the most glamorous ways to wear a maxi skirt for summer 2021 remains to combine it with a very elegant skirt complete fashion. However, the flowing skirt does not hide her romantic nature, and therefore she loves high-heeled shoes and voluminous shirts, as well as thin silk shirts worn with jewels and shoulder bags. Benedita Parodi with ripped maxi skirts, you are the most beautiful look of summer 2021!

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