Home Tech Those who have obtained the green pass should avoid doing so completely

Those who have obtained the green pass should avoid doing so completely

Those who have obtained the green pass should avoid doing so completely

These days, people who have completed the vaccination course are starting to get the “Green Certificate” or the “Green Pass”. As explained several times on ProiezionidiBorsaThis is the document prepared in Europe that will allow you to move freely and participate in certain events safely. The validity, as readers know well, is nine months for those who received the second dose of the vaccine or nine months for those who contracted the virus and had a negative swab.

A little to show off, a little to share happiness, a little because now everyone is accustomed to posting everything, and many post their own photo on social networks victorious. Green certificate with a lot of QR code رمز. Well, anyone who has gotten on the green lane should avoid doing that altogether. Today’s IT security experts will try to explain why.

Information Mine

Posting a QR-Code image on the green certificate on Facebook is no small problem. This code, in fact, is a real database full of personal data. Behind the QR code, which is not readable to the naked eye, there is actually very sensitive data: not only the name and surname, but also which vaccine was given, when, where, whether or not Covid occurred, when the smears were taken and their results, and much more.

A real goldmine for “data hunters”, especially for those who are constantly searching for this information for illegal purposes. By the way, you don’t even need to be a hacker to get access to it: it is enough to have a smartphone with a QR code reader and anyone can immediately get this important health data.

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Those who got the green pass should avoid doing so altogether. Protect your data

The law states that only law enforcement agencies and authorized personnel can access the Green Lanes QR code. This obviously serves to verify that everything is OK, for example, when you enter a restaurant for a party, at a dance disco, or at an RSA. Only through a specific government application can these checks be performed.

For this reason, posting the green certificate on social networks is not appropriate. Because, for example, bad guys can submit fake documents that will obviously invalidate the entire system. Everything warned, then: It’s OK to share your joy, but it’s best to avoid attaching images and emoticons!

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