Home science Those who are allergic to herbs are interested in eating this fruit

Those who are allergic to herbs are interested in eating this fruit

Those who are allergic to herbs are interested in eating this fruit

Many Italians suffer from a diagnosed allergy to grass. Many others can be surprised in the spring by strong allergic manifestations that usually lead to nasal and throat congestion and even red eyes and sneezing.

For starters, in fact, it is always necessary to book and take allergy skin tests or take a rast test which is a serological test. These are clinically shown methods to help isolate the type of allergy.


what is he talking about

Grass (or birch) allergy is one of the most common allergies and is triggered by the production of pollen from various plants and plant forms that come into contact with the airways and cause an abnormal immune system reaction.

Treatments are usually pharmacological, especially in the acute stages, and it is always necessary to rely on a specialist. At ProiezionidiBorsa we have also talked about natural remedies that, however, can only ease severe phases a bit and which should always be reported to the doctor. We can learn more at the following link.

Those who are allergic to herbs are interested in eating this fruit

We should also pay attention to what we eat because if we are allergic to weeds or birch, we can have a cross allergy. Basically, the binding of some fruits, in particular, can lead to a super-reactivity due to the presence of a protein ( pyrophylline) which occurs in both weeds and in some fruits and creates a kind of similarity.

The offending fruit, in this period, in particular, is the apricot because it is a seasonal product that is often present on our tables.

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Our proposal for apricots is based on the contribution of an allergist and former director of the Department of Allergology and Respiratory Diseases at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples. Cross allergies between weeds or birch and apricot are a frequent possibility but certainly not obvious.

Also pay attention to dried apricots because they contain sulfites that can cause unwanted effects in people who are allergic to sulfites.


It sounds trivial but the first remedy is to know what you are allergic to and avoid, as much as possible, at least what has to do with food intake. Moreover, especially during the flowering period, it is good to avoid eating the fruits of plants to which we are allergic.

For this reason in particular, those who are allergic to herbs should be careful to eat this fruit which can cause a bad reaction and lead to a deterioration of their health.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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