This unmissable series from the UK that’s making the world laugh is all the rage on Netflix

    This unmissable series from the UK that’s making the world laugh is all the rage on Netflix
    This unmissable series from the UK that's making the world laugh is all the rage on Netflix

    This unmissable series from the UK that’s making the world laugh is all the rage on Netflix

    All we want from the streaming series is to distract us for a few hours from our day and obligations. In the concrete case it is not through the adrenaline of a thriller or the feelings of horror. But with the excitement of a documentary revelation.

    He introduced himself calmly, without fuss and continuing the comic vein about the out of place presenter. but By word of mouth Cunk has spread on earth for the past month to all latitudes, became according to some an unmissable collection of drawings. This unmissable UK Netflix series that went viral tells humanity from prehistoric times to today, passing through ancient Rome and Renaissance Florence.

    Serious but not serious

    Given the graphics and the apparent seriousness of the hero, we can consider the usual documentary series. But it’s not about that at all, if anything to parody it. The protagonist is a character Philomena Conck (English comedian Diane Morgan). Philomena is the presenter of a program that traces the stages of humanity. We are not afraid of long and heavy episodes: The history of our existence on planet Earth is divided into 5 classes lasting about half an hour. When Philomena confronts the narrative and interviews sociologists, historians, and archaeologists, she does so with naivety and without any sense. In this he seems to be showing off the fine drawings of Valerio Londini. the Dialogues grow after the contrasting hands provided by the mutual signals that emerge. The first minutes of the series immerse us in the ironic and bizarre atmosphere of a girl who uses her own cultural references to deal with more serious and complex facts than her preparation allows.

    Jokes, puns, experts’ baffled reactions, and conclusions that are both foolish and clever are the necessary consequences of these introductions. Cunk on Earth may not be to everyone’s taste, as sarcasm is a very personal factor. Moreover, it is not a mechanism intended to piss off the viewer with loud, sudden laughter. But keep playing A constant smile caused by apparent naivety and meaninglessness. However, it is a leap in the so-called British humor. Not as plastic and instant as that of the famous Mr. Bean but it certainly relies onthe futility of everyday life. Or, as in the concrete case, the prejudices with which we view history.

    This must-watch series from the UK that has gone viral all over the world is coming to Netflix

    if we can To tune in to this way of seeing things, we can have a few hours of fun. the important is They have no prejudices About the fact that comedy concerns any aspect of society, uniting all countries and all contexts. Being able to talk lightheartedly about very serious topics is not only the purpose of smiling, but in an unspoken way that reminds us that despite everything, smiling helps us make life more agreeable.

    If instead we want to spend an alternative evening on Netflix, we can discover the little-known story of Osho, a character also loved in Italy. Or find out the secret life of the famous singer who has been loved by millions of us.

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