This trick is the real change to reading tedious and long pages of documents. It doesn’t take much and it’s free and great

    This trick is the real change to reading tedious and long pages of documents.  It doesn’t take much and it’s free and great
    How to listen to PDF files –

    Audiobooks are one of the novelties most appreciated by those who may not be able to read but still be able to listen to the words of their favorite book or college book they hate so much.

    Audible, the Amazon service that allows you to listen to books, has reached a total of 10 million users and the trend continues to increase year by year. What few people know is that even PDF files can be converted to audio files.

    Although the catalogs of online readers are currently quite extensive, it may happen that the book you are looking for does not seem to be found anywhere or perhaps the PDF you have in your possession is a college textbook and therefore not Available in audio version.

    He has the ability to hear what is written in PDF It’s really important, especially for those who need to multitask together or for those who have to spend a lot of time traveling. Audiobook converters can really be a lifesaver, especially considering that most of them are in full free.

    The first tool you can use is the website natural reader, with which you can convert PDF files to MP3 ready to play. The portal supports many languages, in addition to Italian, so it is also possible to convert PDF files for other languages, such as English or French.

    How to listen to a PDF easily and for free

    Nautural Reader is very easy to use, in fact it will be enough to click on “Get Started for Free” and drag the respective PDF file into the field. Here, by subscribing, you get access to download the file that can only be listened to on the webpage via a Chrome extension.

    Convert PDF to audiobook – (Source: freepik)

    Zamzam It’s a very useful free alternative if you have PDF files under 50MB because the conversion and download are completely free. also Adobe Acrobat Reader Offering a similar service for free, to read your PDF you just need to go to “View” and select the “Read” submenu, at this point you only need to select whether you want to read the entire document or the individual page.

    Apple users will finally be happy to know that, too mac PDF files can be easily read by creating an audio book, in fact through the application “previewYou can open the PDF file and go to ‘Edit’ and then ‘Audio’. Now you can easily hear spoken text playback without having to keep your eyes on the screen.

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