This summer millions of users without Facebook and Instagram

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    It is more and more likely that millions of users registered on the social networks Facebook and Instagram this summer will be without publications, stories and likes for their friends and followers.

    social network
    Social Network –

    Looks like this summer might happen social blackout in Europe.

    This decision has been weighed byIrish power To protect your personal data.

    Let’s try to understand the reason for this choice who will not be able to reach This summer on social networks.

    at the beach Without Facebook and Instagram

    Apparently the two social networks Facebook and Instagramwhich currently belongs to Meta, a famous American multinational corporation, can The power went out this summer.

    Then the lights of social media will go out on the old continent Also in Europe.

    Looks like the decision was made before Irish authorities for issues related to privacy regulation More precisely to violate this.

    In fact, a blocking of data flow has been requested Meta got it from Europe to the United States of America.

    multinational dead
    Multinational Meta –

    Stop social media

    in 2020 court of justice The European Union, after discovering the mass surveillance carried out by the United States, was abolished Privacy ShieldThis is the agreement between the European Union and the United States regarding data flow.

    Basic contractual clauses have also been targeted, as they allow the US company to do so Transfer of user data from Europe to America.

    Although in the past few hours, Ireland forced Facebook To stop taking advantage of The so-called conditions of the passport In order to continue to transfer personal data of registered users.

    In response, the multinational said that “if new transatlantic data transmission methods are not launched, We will not be able to offer some of our services in Europe, including Facebook and Instagram“.

    At the stage when Europe and the United States are negotiating a new agreement, millions of users They can be left without social media.

    In fact, according to the multinational, without a new agreement, it will not be possible to provide their services to users.

    Among those most used are certainly social networks such as Facebook and Instagram Which has billions of registered users who use the platforms on a daily basis.

    From entertainment to conversation to information, Social networks have become an integral part of our days And the thought of not being able to use it anymore annoys users a bit.

    The deal is likely Not until next year, Thus, there is a very high possibility that this summer you will not be able to browse your social media feeds under the umbrella.

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