This little-known fish protects the kidneys and bones: a panacea for health

    This little-known fish protects the kidneys and bones: a panacea for health

    There is one fish in particular that can be extremely beneficial to the health of our bodies. That’s what it is.

    You must think of something specific FishBecause, apparently, it can really be useful to us Protect the kidneys and bones.

    Fish – an indispensable food

    the FishIt is, of course, an important component of our diet. In fact, it is a food that can help our bodies in many different ways.


    Fish (Pexels) –

    In this case, almost nothing is missing from the fish, because it is juicy Mineral saltsincluding iodine, iron, and zinc, d vitaminsl proteinand based on Omega 3.

    So it can also be considered as a kind of prevention for our body, given its ability Strengthens the heartAnd bonesAnd SignalAnd muscle and even the brain.

    Moreover, fish is one of the few foods that you can eat in abundance. So, keeping in mind all the excellent benefits mentioned above, it would be a good idea to consume it virtually Three classes a week.

    The ideal consumption, according to experts, would be 150 gr For each portion, for example, one sea bass or three prawns can correspond.

    If you really can’t find fresh fish, that might be fine too frozen. Of course, however, you need to make sure that it is traceable and that the nutritional values ​​are correct.

    Moreover, the fish we choose should not contain it dyesAnd flavor enhancers And Added flavours.

    When it comes to fish, what’s more, you even have a wide choice, because they are out there in the world More than 32 thousand species.

    As forItalymore than six hundred fish species, of which seventy-two migrated from the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea.

    The benefits of trout

    Whatever the case, there is one particular fish, though often underestimated, that can really help us protect it. bone healthfollower teeth and gods kidneys To avoid as much as possible Heart disease.


    Trout (Pixabay) –

    We refer specifically to trout. The latter contains freshwater fish High in Omega 3And It contains a low percentage of saturated fatAnd Rich in Vitamin EAnd Dr And B 12And per 100 grams approx 20 grams of protein.

    On the other hand, even if you are not an expert cook, trout It is easy to prepare and you can make many delicious recipes.

    there troutSo it can be done smokerto Peelto steam and l grill. Although there is an easier way to set it up. So let’s see how to proceed.

    First, you will have to buy some Fresh troutClean and without thorns. Then pass the filet in preciseMeanwhile, thaw ghee in a frying pan.

    Trout en papillote

    Trout en papillote (Facebook) –

    At this point, add the trout and Cook on high heat in the first few minutes. Then reduce the heat and cook for the others Twenty minutes.

    If you want to give it a more savory flavor, you can decorate everything with it Orange juice Based on Half a lemon. Well, you just have to serve trout to the table.

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