This is what the wreckage of Saddam Hussein’s huge yacht looks like today… Incredible!

    This is what the wreckage of Saddam Hussein’s huge yacht looks like today… Incredible!

    The fall of the dictatorship had consequences for luxury ships. Here is what the wreckage of Saddam Hussein’s huge yacht has become today …

    This is what the wreckage of Saddam Hussein's huge yacht looks like today... Incredible!

    History of strength and He destroysl Welfare And literally nothing. Once upon a time, but not too long ago to tell the truth, one of the most powerful and wanted men in the world at the same time. This was in the power of her country, namely, Iraq. Where in 1979 he founded (at least officially) Uhud dictatorships The most controversial of the ‘900 total. In short, we are talking about a man and what his personality represents to an entire nation and the rest of the world, of his golden moments but also of his darkest (but bright for many others); But above all, as is clear, we are also talking about engines, in fact about them luxury engines… And without getting lost in too much superfluous chatter, let us get straight to the point: Here, exactly twenty years after his downfall, is what he has become today Shipwreck affiliate Saddam Hussein’s huge yacht. when dictatorship Luxury falls into ruin…

    Saddam Hussein’s yacht, from the most luxurious jewels of the sea to a wreck, and again from a wreck to …

    And here, in one of the most important rivers in all of Iraq, in the south of the country, there is a wreck that certainly does not suggest a sumptuous past; and instead… immersed, or rather lying along the course of the Shatt al-Arab in the city of Basra, almost caught up in a perpetual moment of relaxation, lies Mansour. A name that most people may not say or remember, but in fact it was one of my names ships The most exclusive and undoubtedly wonderful in the world boats.

    Imagining the past of something old and forgotten being revealed before us is always a great game to train our imagination. And often in these situations the truth never comes out (just to stay on topic), but in this case the story takes the place of fiction. After all, it’s true. Because that’s too big or too big, since we’re talking about it equally 121 metresA rusty piece of iron submerged in the waters of the Iraqi river is just (or wasn’t) one of Saddam Hussein’s yachts.

    To tell the truth of the ships was Lifts, in Arabic for “chief”, Iraq didn’t have just one. There were many Navy Deprived of Saddam, they are all overtaken by the same sad fate. On the one hand, it is as if an unwritten verdict of dictatorships, their inevitable path and fall. Thus, the aspiring tyrants of reading, hoping for nothing at all, take this “law” as a warning: luxury as a symbol of power, ruin as an image of the fall.

    And we can say that the picture of the fall of Saddam Hussein is clearer than ever, try to ask the river that still embraces what remains of his huge yacht, which has now become an extraordinary destination for fishermen and an ideal place for a picnic with a view.

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    We are talking, as we expected in the previous lines, about Al-Mansour’s yacht. amazing Yacht More than 100 meters long, built in the early eighties by one of the most important shipyard Finnish name of the thing WärtsiläIt was bought by the Iraqi president in 1983 at a value of 25 million pounds. The aforementioned boat was part of Personal fleet (composed of three ships in total) for the Dictator used to handle presidential flights.

    A former marine marvel now left to rot in the river. A suggestive situation for sure, especially if you take into account all the history hidden behind this wreck. But at the same time, the reality that over time has left some notable and not-so-high-profile figures in the new Republic of Iraq stunned.

    Zahi Musa, a sea captain working for the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, was asked about the situation by CNN, and said: “This yacht is like a precious jewel, like a rare masterpiece that you keep at home. We feel sad that he is in this situation.” But what is the current real situation of Mansour and Saddam Hussein’s other yachts?

    Al Mansour, Saddam Hussein's yacht

    True nautical gems today turned into meeting points and hotels, the exotic end of the two presidential yachts

    In short, Al-Mansur was executing by following every order of the Iraqi dictator step by step. Who certainly does not want to miss anything. Hence the luxury between the silver and gold decorations and the luxurious halls. A unique piece of yachting that can only be seen and touched by a select few.

    In this regard, Hussein Sabahi, one of the fishermen who often finds himself spending his days on the back of the wreckage, recalls: “When it belonged to the former president, no one would approach it. I can’t believe it belonged to Saddam and now I am here.” Al-Mansur’s fame and life, at least in a mechanical sense, ends with the fall of El-Lift.

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    In fact, by order of Saddam Hussein himself, the yacht was moved from his personal mooring in Umm Qasr to be kept in Basra shortly before US forces invaded the Middle Eastern country on March 20, 2003. Thus the ultra-luxury yacht lift was bombed hard by capsizing. On one side it thus remained lying on the waters of the Shatt al-Arab.

    It didn’t take long for all of the yacht’s interiors to be completely ransacked of every luxury. Since then, the boat has become a kind of strange, rusty island where hordes of local fishermen congregate.

    Another fate, however, was destined for the Basra Breeze, another of Saddam Hussein’s yachts, also abandoned in Basra. This one, in fact, after the fall of the President was re-evaluated and converted into a hotel.

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