This is the brand you should never buy

    This is the brand you should never buy

    Strawberries are one of the sweet and delicious fruits that are featured in all the supermarkets these days. We all buy strawberries because it can be prepared in a thousand ways, and it is not a fruit like many other types, but it has a special taste that children and adults love. In this period, its cost is not very high because it is harvested until July and we can put it in trays ready to eat and appreciate it.

    Strawberries give off a strong aroma and in the supermarket you can find different varieties: Visca, Moscata, Anais, Diamant, Albion, Roxana, Garda, Kadonga and many others. Buying high-quality strawberries is not difficult as long as they are uniformly red with the stalk attached to the fruit. Be careful if there are bruises or worse rotten strawberries because in these cases it is always best to leave them and not take them home. Strawberries are good for the heart, and according to some scientific research, they help prevent some types of cancer, such as breast, colon and esophageal cancer. However, not all strawberries bring all these health benefits to our body.

    When is strawberry harmful to health? Strawberries are an allergenic fruit which is why people with allergies should limit their use. In fact, eating too many strawberries is never a good thing because they can cause skin reactions like redness and itching. Sometimes, eating too many strawberries can cause a swollen tongue and hives. Strawberries are also one of the foods with the highest amount of pesticides, which is why you need to be careful about the ones you buy.

    Strawberries are the most dangerous fruit for our health. In one strawberry you can also find 9 different types of pesticides. Thanks to some studies, it has been discovered that they can also contain banned pesticides that are very harmful to health. It therefore becomes very important to know how to choose strawberries and avoid eating those that contain pesticides and which, among other things, are not visible and difficult to identify with the naked eye. Many people who love strawberries ask us how to buy ones that are not harmful to you.

    In conclusion of this article, we always recommend you to buy the organic ones which can be recognized by their uniform red color. In order not to bring pesticides home with your strawberries, never buy the brand that comes from outside. Avoid choosing a brand of strawberry that has the same shape for everyone in the tank, and instead opt for one that doesn’t look the same for everyone. Don’t buy a strawberry brand that has some fruit with mold inside the tray.

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