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This fruit is the best friend of liver health and helps stimulate sleep

This fruit is the best friend of liver health and helps stimulate sleep

The spring season has started to bring many of the first fruits to our tables. Among the vegetables are monkfish beards, asparagus and artichokes. However, the most popular fruits are strawberries, lemons, and cherries. Today we’re talking about the latter, explaining the amazing qualities of one of the foods Italians most love. This fruit is the best friend of liver health and helps stimulate sleep.

Purification functions

In addition to having powerful satiating power and being an excellent alternative to sweet, high-calorie snacks, cherries have countless properties. Today we will discover them together.


What definitely catches the eye immediately is the purification function. In fact, this fruit is very beneficial for the liver and helps eliminate toxins.

It contains, in fact, a substance called malic acid that is known to stimulate this specific organ. Plus, the high fiber content helps it go into the body. It becomes a great help for those suffering from chronic constipation.

A valuable ally against insomnia

If we have difficulty falling asleep, then we can count on this remedy that, in addition to greed, is completely natural and without contraindications.

Eating a cup full of cherries before bed can help stimulate sleep. This happens because it is a food rich in a hormone that regulates the rhythm of sleep and wake. This is melatonin.

In fact, some studies recommend consuming the juice of this fruit right before bed. This small gesture will ensure a quick and easy descent into arms Morview.

Today we revealed why this fruit is the best friend to liver health and aids sleep. If you are interested in these ideas and, in general, the hidden properties of the foods we use in everyday life, we recommend reading the following article. there he is Who is the Link: “Say goodbye to unripe fruit and tough avocados with this clever trick.”

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