They landed in Fiumicino from the USA, and taxi drivers refuse to take them to Ostia: “It’s not very profitable.”

    They landed in Fiumicino from the USA, and taxi drivers refuse to take them to Ostia: “It’s not very profitable.”

    Fiumicino: They landed at Fiumicino Airport and more than one taxi driver refused a ride, leaving the two tourists on foot. the reason? The destination the sisters requested from Illinois was Ostia, obviously a destination considered very unprofitable. the story.

    Fiumicino, tourists stranded by taxi drivers at the airport: They’ve asked for a ride to Ostia. They were forced to take public transportation and arrived two hours later

    It was not the best welcome in our country experienced by two sisters who landed a few hours ago at Fiumicino International Airport, on a flight from the United States.

    A trip he took for the purpose of tourism and which was a stopover from the capital to the rest of Italy, he chose to reside in Ostia, thus in the hope of also getting acquainted with the natural wonders of the Sea of ​​Rome.

    All went well in the plans laid out and inclusive of the booking, except that to get to the hotel it took a miracle and a lot of patience on the part of the two of them, who refused to ride in more than a taxi.

    A riddle that immediately found an answer with the most discouraging “motives”, i.e. simply the convenience of the taxi driver, who was bringing them only 35-40 euros in earnings for a trip to Ostia, and had to leave the “garrison” (in turn), would probably give up For another, more profitable, at least 70 € trip towards the center of the capital.

    In this whole story, the inconvenience won in the end, because in order not to spoil the vacation from the very beginning, the two girls with their two large suitcases had to stand at the bus stop to arrive two hours later at their place of residence on the vacation home.

    The story of the two American sisters is just the latest in a series of very serious episodes both on the transportation front that is already punished by the scarcity of public transportation and relative delays, and on the image projected to foreign tourists, of how good they are despite everything that keeps coming back.

    As soon as the bathing season begins, such an exploitation is a great blow to those who wish to come to the Romanian coast, where everything is ready to go to welcome the summer tourism, after many sacrifices in this category.

    But the condition of taxis and NCC cars at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is a problem that is also demonstrated by the constant checks carried out by the Carabinieri on the phenomena of unauthorized use and other illegal behavior, which imposed penalties, for more than 14 thousand euros, seven Italian citizens surprised in the “building No. 3 – Arrivals” while customers are buying for their transfer to Rome.

    On the other hand, three NCC operators were surprised when they split a group of passengers who had gathered outside the booths. Order to leave the airport for 48 hours and a fine of 100 euros against them.

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