They changed it after 27 minutes

    They changed it after 27 minutes

    Curiosity TV situation on the occasion of the World Cup match between the United States and Wales. Something in the score’s graphics puzzled me.

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    match between USA and Wales Close The first day of the game to me Qatar World Cupthe day after the opening. An interesting challenge to understand the performance of Group C, and one in which England have already established themselves as favourites, Slash trim 6-2 for Iran. The challenge between the US and UK representatives also featured a specific episode not related to the actual game.

    Like all 2022 World Cup matches, the match between USA and Wales was broadcast live on Rai TV. State TV holds the rights to the event and will broadcast every challenge up to the final on its own channels. In the first half of the last match of the day, the viewers’ attention was captured by a particular overlay. We are referring to the writing relating to the outcome of the match, created for reasons of space by the initials of the two teams as always.

    This time, here’s the novelty, the abbreviations SUA and Gal stand out at the top of the screen. Curiosity was used as to how to identify the US representative, SUA, or USA. It goes without saying that the most natural solution would be to put the United States of America. And in fact, after about 27 minutes of playing, everything changed, with the graphics reading USA and WAL, instead of SUA and GAL. We chose Wells, using the name in the actor’s jargon.

    Despite the patch hitting just before the half hour mark, the issue went viral on Twitter. The abbreviation SUA has not escaped notice, and many users have noticed it, also using as a joke. Indeed an inexplicable choice of general disbelief. Lots of tweets about it, many of them very funny. The person responsible for the situation will certainly plug his ears.

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