They can steal your email in a very simple way: Here’s what to do to defend yourself

    They can steal your email in a very simple way: Here’s what to do to defend yourself

    Your email can be hacked and stolen at any time: here’s exactly what you should do to prevent it from happening.

    If the accounts are running social networks Representing our public image today, emails are actually our most important data archives. If a social account is stolen, the damage can be the image and the organization, because in addition to losing control over the posts and previously published contents, you will also lose the contacts created thanks to that network. However, if access to your email is stolen, the main risk is that they may be able to obtain private documents or bank credentials.

    Stealing emails
    Email at risk –

    Email must therefore be protected more than our accounts, because the damage in the event of theft can be colossal from all points of view. The refund process is long and tediousWhile the stolen data is now at the mercy of whoever has it. So it is understandable how important it is to protect your email from potential theft or outside interference and to prevent something like this from happening. But how can we protect our emails from the bad guys?

    How to protect emails from theft and unauthorized access

    If you have a Google email, the steps to take are simple. First, log into your email, then go to the Privacy and Security options and click on two-factor authentication. This security tool is now widely spread on the web and if before it was only used to managehome banking servicesis now the required security standard for social accounts as well.

    Email protection trick
    Two-Factor Authentication is a security measure that should always be adopted –

    In fact, it consists of adding a login verification tool. You can choose whether to indicate a phone number or leave everything to Google. In the first case, you will receive a text message every time you log in with a file Code confirmation. The code is used to allow access to the email and thus to confirm your identity. If you choose Google, an access request will be sent that you need to confirm with any enabled device.

    Second, it’s nice to introduce Google Recovery phone number and recovery email. The phone number will be your personal number, while for the email use a secondary number or the number of a trusted person (girlfriend, wife, brother, father or boyfriend). This is used to recover the account once access to it has been blocked or when the password has been lost (or changed to exclude you from access).

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