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“They are treating us like a scapegoat. They want to make work impossible.”


Raiola against FIFA: “They are treating us like a scapegoat. They want to make work impossible”

Mino Raiola The super-agent, among others, of Bogba and Ibrahimovic, returns to attack him FIFA. It does so with TalkSport mics without avoiding criticism of the Infantino-led organization:To divert attention from his real problems, FIFA began attacking clients as a group, with meaningless regulations. Since we are taking a lot of money from the game, we are useless or criminals. I think they need to keep their attention away from them, let’s not forget that we are talking about an organization that has 15 people in prison in the US for corruption and other crimes. And it isn’t the only internal scandal within FIFA of the past twenty years: it is a systemic problem, and it can roughly be said to be the way things are managed within FIFA. That is why he needs a scapegoat and we are perfect. Well, but we’re not going to step aside. ”

Then again: “They are trying to make our work impossible, they are people who have not made any change in their lives. They do not know what our job is, what we should do and what we should not do. I think some of them have not even watched a football match. FIFA should just think about it.” Organizing the World Cup even in this matter is bad. We are talking about people who have been invited, without any reason, by heads of state. What did the FIFA President do to the world so much that he received an invitation from the Head of State? “.

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