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“There’s a scary guy who’s scaring us.”


They were enjoying it camping holiday when they were killing. Kaelen Schulte, 24, and her wife, Crystal Turner, 38, were found dead in the La Salle Mountains, San Juan County, days after reporting the loss of friends and family.

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The couple decided to take a camping vacation in the summer but something went wrong. The case is being investigated on the basis of the testimonies of the women’s families. The couple admitted that they were upset by a man who made them feel uncomfortable in the parking lot for a few days. Both men described the man as “scary” and said they themselves were worried and frightened.

When there was no news of them for a few days, their loved ones raised the alarm and subsequent investigations led to the discovery of the first two bodies in their camper parked in a secluded area not far away. The second body was found in a different location by the police. “They said they were going away, they would pack their bags and move the camp site because that guy was scaring them,” a relative said, according to local newspapers. To overcome it, he must have been a very dangerous nuisance.”

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