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There was no one in the driver’s seat – Corriere.it

There was no one in the driver's seat - Corriere.it

A car accident that causes two deaths is a tragedy, but the fact that no one is driving it leads us to absurdity. April 18 at 21.00 AMThe Tesla Model S bumped into a tree in the spring, Town near Houston, Texas. The two people on board died in the massive fire that broke out, Tongues of fire powered by the onboard battery that only 120,000 liters of water and four hours of firefighters struggle to tame.

Nobody is behind the wheel

According to the first investigations The car was moving at high speed when something went wrong. The Model S missed a sharp bend heading straight into the tree. Upon arriving at the site, the investigators ascertained a hard-to-explain fact: Of the two people on board, two friends, one of whom was seated in the seat next to the driver’s seat, and the other was seated in the back.. In short, no one was behind the wheel.

The Autopilot Dilemma

at the moment It is unclear if the car traveled with autopilotTesla Autopilot that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to see the way and drive for us. It is not easy to explain the truth. Why was there no one behind the wheel? C.Could the car be traveling at high speed if the autopilot was disconnected and no one was pressing the throttle? However, deeper searches continue because so far they have only been registered in the US At least 23 accidents are attributed to the automatic driving system Three in the last few weeks alone – but this is the first time that no one has been behind the wheel.

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Tesla’s advice

Tesla did not comment on what happened but he always advised Precise use of an autopilot. Warns Always keep your hands on the steering wheel, stay in the driver’s seat and be careful when turning. For fires, it has provided custom procedures. Unlike an internal combustion vehicle, electric batteries contain batteries that do not suffer fuel losses in the event of an accident, and continue to store energy and overheat. If a high-voltage battery has been involved in the fire – read the manual for the Model S – consider letting the vehicle burn while protecting items under fire. Again, use a large amount of water to cool the battery. Not [tutto maiuscolo, ndr] Extinguish the fire with a small amount of water. It can take up to 24 hours to fully turn off a burning battery.

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