Home World There was a strong hurricane in the Czech Republic

There was a strong hurricane in the Czech Republic

There was a strong hurricane in the Czech Republic

Between Thursday and Friday, several countries in southern Moravia, in the Czech Republic, were affected by Tornado, A powerful vortex of air exposed the roofs of several buildings, causing many trees to fall and blocking power lines. Although hurricanes are less frequent on our continent than in some regions of the United States, according to experts, they were one of the most devastating to hit Central Europe in recent times: due to this violent whirlwind, five dead and more than 150 injured were confirmed. There are also hundreds of displaced people.

The hurricane passed through several cities and some towns stretched for a distance of about 25 kilometers between the regions of Briklav and Hodonin, near the borders with Austria and Slovakia.

Experts reported winds of up to 219 kilometers per hour, while some residents reported large hailstones, speaking of a similar size to tennis balls. The mayor of Valtice, Pavel Trojan, said nearly all buildings in the town were damaged by the cold; An official from nearby Hruski said at least a third of residents’ homes had been uncovered.

The government of the Czech Republic reported the destruction of about a thousand homes and said it had begun work to find housing for the displaced. Firefighters and some members of the military are working in the area, and they have brought essential equipment to respond to the disaster. Emergency rescue teams also arrived from Austria, Slovakia and Poland.


The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis, has canceled his participation in Brussels for the European Council to go to Visit the area Hurricane-hit, where electricity and water services are often still interrupted.

After the visit, Babish said that the government’s priority will be to demand the use of part of the money accumulated in it European Union Solidarity FundWhich was established after the massive floods that swept central Europe in 2002 specifically to help member states in the event of natural disasters of this kind.

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