Home World There is a part of France that wishes to eliminate Napoleon

There is a part of France that wishes to eliminate Napoleon

There is a part of France that wishes to eliminate Napoleon

Sexist, racist, colonialist and the most famous Frenchman in the world. May 5th will mark the bicentenary of his death, and it’s slippery for Macron.

For some, it will be the most important speech of the year, for others, even the most important in the five-year period, because in the eyes of the French there are presidential elections in 2022, and everything that can affect them. On May 5, to mark the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, President Emmanuel Macron will be called to exercise a great balance to commemorate the first emperor of France, who ended up in the heart of a brutal “memorial war”. Which is opposed to Napoleon who are ready to celebrate it with books, exhibitions, and documentaries, and those who remember it only because they have restored slavery. One of these is Thierry Lentz, director of the Napoleon Foundation. The agenda of those taking the action aims to foster a culture of abolition and discontent with the nation. “The Emperor is their ideal target after rehearsal with Colbert and Joan of Arc,” says Lentz. The reference is made to Franco Luleia, a brigade anti-phobia activist, who recently stained the statue of Colbert in front of the National Assembly with the inscription “Négrophobie d’État”, as well as the equestrian statue of Napoleon in the dirty La Roche-sur-Yon and his wife Giuseppina, dropped in Fort de France in Martinique.

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