There are dead and wounded

    There are dead and wounded

    Two dead and at least 12 wounded, eight of them seriously. This is the tragic outcome of the fire that destroyed a restaurant in the Plaza de Manuel Becerra in the Salamanca district of Madrid (Spain). According to what was announced by the emergency services, the alarm went off on the evening of Friday, April 21, and ten ambulances and twelve teams of firefighters immediately arrived, but the tragedy could not be averted.

    According to witnesses contacted by El Paìs, the fire could have started while a waiter was intent on serving a flaming dish inside the club, called Burro Canaglia Bar & Resto, where customers could feast on Italian-inspired dishes. But just a mistake with the burnt pizza would have generated the terrible flames. Both witnesses said they saw a waiter pass a flaming plate in one hand, similar to a pizza, and a blowtorch in the other. A few seconds later, the hall caught fire, causing panic. The first investigations indicate that the room decoration that came into contact with the flames and ignited the fire: the restaurant was in fact decorated with a plastic floral decoration, which allowed the flames to spread very quickly.

    Firefighters on duty quickly rushed to the scene at a fire station located a few meters from the place, located in Plaza Manuel Becerra: “People came to warn us to flee – explained Carlos Marín, duty manager of the fire brigade – we let people out who are trapped because the restaurant has Only one way out and the flames were very close to the door.” The identity of the victims has not yet been revealed, while investigations continue to clarify the exact dynamics of the facts.

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