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The world’s largest cherry (33 grams) is Italian and comes from Pecetto- Corriere.it

The world's largest cherry (33 grams) is Italian and comes from Pecetto- Corriere.it

They grew the world’s largest cherry, breaking the record with a giant fruit weighing 33 grams. Alberto and Giuseppe Rosso di Pescito, in the province of Turin, a city famous for its cherry production, broke the previous record set last June by the company Salvi Vivay in Ronco di Portomagiore (Ferrara) for a place indoors. From the Guinness Book of Records Cherry 26.45 gr. The new giant cherry weighs 33.0518 grams, and is measured on a scale accurate to ten thousandths of a gram. The record also talked about guardian.

Gorgeous red from Carmen’s collection

The Rosso family has been growing cherries for more than a century. The record was achieved – Coldiretti explains – by following a regulation Guinness World Records Born in Dublin in 1955 and now based in London, the National Institute for Metrology Research has certified the standard measurement through the official Italian counters of INRiM. Giant cherry belongs to the Carmen group, ripening medium early with a plant of medium to high activity and growing habits, which this year ensured an important harvest of truly exceptional proportions. The record was set in a year that was not particularly favorable for one of the fruits most loved by Italians, young and old. Bad weather wiped out the Italian fruit with a loss of one in four cherries made in Italy and a total national production of about 80 million kilograms, 25% less, Coldiretti estimates.

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