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“The Wizard of Oz”, new edition coming

“Il mago di Oz”, in arrivo un remake moderno
“The Wizard of Oz”, version with Judy Garland from 1939


February 12, 2021

From Giovanni Theiolis

It will be director Nicole Castle, who recently became famous with Watchmen

After the failed attempt by several directors to rekindle the magic of the 1939 musical with the extraordinary protagonist Judy Garland, it is news these days that Nicole Cassel, the director of the award-winning television series Guards The new version will direct de The Wizard of Oz.

Kassell’s choice of direction for this ambitious project explains the desire on the part of Temple Hill and New Line Studios for a visionary director capable of re-imagining the movie world on top of it. The Wizard of Oz, A story that traces its origins to the 1900 novel American Children by L.

Frank Baum.

Kassell showed all his wise talents by creating the ambitious series based on one of the world’s most beloved comics such as Guards. He was particularly appreciated for his ability to alter and update history by drawing inspiration from the culture wars in the United States today. The same update is expected now The Wizard of Oz, Possibly with a version of the story intended for use and consumption by an adult audience.

Using multiple references for the movie that is about to be filmed, Kassel commented on the project that will see her participate in the coming months:

Cassel said, “I am incredibly honored to join Temple Hill and New Line in bringing this beloved classic to the screen.” “While the 1939 musical is part of my DNA, I am elated and overwhelmed with the responsibility of reimagining such a mythical tale. The opportunity to study the original themes – the search for courage, love, wisdom, and home – seems more relevant and urgent. They are very iconic shoes to fill. , And I look forward to dancing alongside these childhood heroes as we go down a new yellow brick path. “

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