The whole truth about fried wisteria, the trigger that ate it and why it ended up in the hospital

    The whole truth about fried wisteria, the trigger that ate it and why it ended up in the hospital

    Carlotta from “Cucina Botanica” and the confusing misadventure: details

    with more than 900 thousand followers on Instagram and others 149k on TikTokAnd Carlotta Perego I managed to find the right key to success on social networks: defining a niche, in this case a vegetable kitchen. with ‘Vegetarian cuisineIn fact, the food influencer makes very tasty recipes, and it’s all vegan” and I make her lovable,” reads her bio. However, she was recently the hero of an episode that caused some confusion. About a week ago, Carlotta posted a clip (now it has 3.2 million views ) in which I was offered a special dish: Fried wisteria: “A recipe of embarrassing simplicity, but it always amazes everyone,” he confirmed cooking (and then eating it). Lots of comments, from those joking (“The practical example is that everything is well fried!”), for some VIPs (such as the singer Noemi, in Sanremo 2021 with “Glicine”) even Someone harshly criticized her. “You are putting so many people’s health at risk! When you make videos like this, On plants with a toxic percentage in some areasYou have to be very specific about what you say! The stem is poisonous but especially so are the seeds inside the flower! One user wrote. Another: “Guys, wisteria is poisonous, in large quantities that’s true, but it’s still best to avoid it… Try the same recipe with acacia flowers, it’s completely harmless and delicious!At the end of Carlotta’s post (may have been added at a later date) you can actually note “Nota Bene,” which specifies: “Only wisteria flowers can be eaten. Beware of large branches and seeds, these are not edible.

    “I immediately started to feel very ill.”
    It does not end here. Among the comments, in fact, there are those who speak of Carlotta’s malaise after tasting fried wisteria. Will it really be like this? It all stems from some Instagram Stories in which the influencer wrote: “My friends, tonight I suffered from terrible food poisoning. I ate some very ordinary things for dinner, I honestly don’t know what to tell you because I immediately started feeling terrible. It was the worst night of my life.” The equation was spontaneous for most people. Normal, except that Carlotta stepped in with her explanation: “Guys, let’s make one thing clear, because someone is writing this to me. I ate a wisteria 10 days ago (I took the video several days before I posted it). How could you get poisoned from something that was eaten 10 days ago? Can not be done. It was something I ate or drank at dinner last night, also because I started to feel sick as soon as I finished eating.” In short, does his poisoning with his beloved wisteria have nothing to do with it? When in doubt, why not fry a regular zucchini flower?

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