The WhatsApp trick that everyone has been waiting for is coming soon on Android and iOS, here is the news

    The WhatsApp trick that everyone has been waiting for is coming soon on Android and iOS, here is the news

    Towards the end of summer, the WhatsApp trick that users have been asking for for a long time will be available.

    there Revolution continue. WhatsApp has really changed us Contact methodAnd it still doesn’t stop surprise us. here you are What will happen in late summer.

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    L ‘Messaging app used by Millions of people every day For the most diverse purposes. Speaking to partnerChat with groups of friends and organize Parties And also business meetings. to find a store, to send pictures, photos and even documents to whomever you want. And if so There are other social networks or programs To do all this, WhatsApp always remains One of the most popular apps ever.

    After a few years spent in “standby”, Recently, WhatsApp has given users more reasons not to uninstall the app. As if it was needed. The features are so convenient that it’s hard to let go.

    Today we can count on it Reliable and fast chat backup and restore; We can Hide or not the last being able totake advantage of Ephemeral messages one group condition And share it at will. And a bunch of other things.

    some tricksand then, Users especially like themsuch as the ability to write in italics or bold, or Access a mini menu by pressing and holding the green icon for more than a second.

    but the News that’s about to arrive It will make as many users as possible happy, especiallyā€¯Nazi language rules‘, an expression (a bit unhappy but ironic) by which one refers to people who do not tolerate grammatical errors, not even their own. Here is a reason.

    The WhatsApp trick that everyone has been waiting for could arrive soon on devices, here is the news

    if by the hand The messaging app offers many optionsOn the other hand, there is Something missing for a while. This is for example found in cableIt is a very popular application for several reasons.

    On WhatsApp, as soon as you type a file messageWe can’t do that yet edit it. We can delete it The recipient will only see a note that says,This message has been deletedThere are many reasons for deleting a message, but sometimes it happens because we typed something wrong. Grammatically. And maybe it annoys us.

    However, deleting a message can be on the other side “with suspicion”And even that’s not nice. Especially if the interlocutors are co-workers, if in fact he is one formal conversation.

    we will, Soon we will be able to edit messages and correct anything from misspellings to content, however we want. Just like it happens for example on Telegram.

    there The function will arrive with the next update at the end of the summer. Most likely to activate it, it will be enough to make a slightly longer “click” on the message to bring up the drop-down menu that will provide options. The function will be active In both individual and group chats.

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